31 July 2005

Email Me You So and Sos

Thanks to the fantastic Becky I now have a Gmail account for the blog so you all have to use it, I want questions about me I will ignore the sicky ones, unless they make me laugh and then you will have to risk being humiliated in front of my readers
So come on guys and girls ask me a question about me, so go on you know is isn't that scary.

Atomic Glow Me

On Friday I went to a local airshow, it was really good, the weather was perfect, small children were running around screaming their heads off overdosed on e-numbers from dodgy burgers and blue coloured cola. The adults were boring each other with details of the specifications of the different aircraft on display. The local dignitaries were slowly melting in their formal dark suits and heavy chains of office.

I got caught by the sun, I am known by people who know me as bit of a sun screen bore "slap it on, you can't risk being burnt, skin cancer is serious yadda yadda yadda. But each bloody year I get caught out, the one day I expect to be overcast and me staying mostly indoors I end up being out for hours in the full sun. Friday was such a day.

I had taken my camera along so that I could capture the sights, if not the sounds, of an airshow but unfortunately the batteries failed on me before I could take any interesting photos. So I'm afraid to say that you have missed the sight of a Tucano zipping above the runway upside down at 100 feet, the excitement of seeing a Jaguar zoom vertically into the clouds only to tumble artfully down towards the ground before levelling out at a height that I don't think is allowed in the rule book. Also I can't show you the slow grace of 2 Tiger moths and a Chipmunk as they swooped over, in tight formation before landing. Or the massiveness of a C17 as it did a slow then fast fly past. Then we were stunned as the Red Arrows flew past in formation smoke streaming. A big impressive American helicopter swung by, then the venerable Canberra, the oldest aircraft in the RAF's arsenal, it first flew in the 1940's and I think that barring accidents it won't be retired until later this decade.

I once "flirted" with a Canberra pilot and there are not many women under the age of 50 that can say that. He was a lovely bloke, it was while I was still going out with my ex, I was waiting for him to turn up at a local pub and this suave debonair man started to talk to me. Eventually I was "rescued" by my then boyfriend who surprisingly enough knew Flo of old.

Flo said "Sam you bastard what are you doing here, I was just talking to this beautiful woman"

Sam "Yes I know, that's my girlfriend"

Flo "Right I'll get my coat" but fortunately he stayed and we all had a very good chat.

Tragically Flo was killed in an accident at RAF Marham last year. He was a really nice man, a family man, the sort of chap you wanted to have as a friend. And very very funny.

30 July 2005

A Tribute To Robert Kilroy-Silk

Those clever people at people at Eclectech have commentorated the resignation of Robert Kilroy-Silk from the leadership of the party he set up.
eclectech : mr tangerine man - a tribute to robert kilroy-silk

29 July 2005

Yeah I'm On Holiday

I'm in a really good mood, for the next 9 days I do not have to think about work for one second unless I'm really bored. Hopefully I won't be, because I'm going up to the Lake District for a couple of days with Mum next week, where we will do a little culture, walk a little, do a bit of window shopping and eat and drink a comfortable amount. It's not the stuff of wild extreme adventure but that's not Mum's thing and to be honest it isn't really mine either. I can do adventure but not all the time and I've run out of ideas for adventure at the moment.

The rest of the time I shall be back home I will potter about, blog a bit, maybe even do a bit of tiling if I can muster up the energy.

28 July 2005

Summer Weather.

I was happily sitting at the computer when I heard what sounded like someone throwing rice at the window, it was raining buckets the heavy showers that we had been threatened with finally turned up.

And then almost as suddenly, while I was waiting for a really sodden predestrian to walk by so I could take a photo to put in a blog it stopped raining and a rainbow appeared which I did take a photo of but unfortunately it was too faint for my camera to capture so I have done an artistic impression of what it looked like for you all to enjoy!

I hate my friends!!!!!!!!

Jane is dead sexy and is looking for non-weird, fully physically able, attractive men between the ages of 30 and 40, she has an active interest in transvestism and a fascination with women’s boobs (fake or real). She is looking for a man or men to wine and dine her, cooking an essential skill. Is willing to consider more than one man at a time as long as she remains centre of attention at all times. Transvestites welcome. Wants to experiment with toys and role play especially involving military domination. Costumes should include soldier 95 combats, RAF No 5’s (or equivalent) or Army No 1’s. Willing to marry a kind, good looking, buff man with hods of cash. Strong liver essential. PPL desirable.

Anne is a slim natural blonde with a keen sense of humour, who loves physical activity. She loves the younger man, especially between the ages of 22 and 26 particularly the more physical type, the more muscular the better. She enjoys being beasted in the gym, especially when she can watch the men in tight lycra shorts. She is seeking a financially secure man with a fine developed sense of the ridiculous, particularly enjoying tickling and silly word games. An ability to walk long distances and the ability to put up with sudden emotional episodes is desirable.

Flt Lt (that’s right I said Flt Lt - a real live officer!!) Dave cuts a tall distinguished figure, however this hides a dubious character prone to perversion and kinky persuasions. He enjoys dressing up (himself) and undressing (women) and watching intimate activities of all kinds. Looking at him now he dances like a spanner, which is a change from the usual military plank dance! He has an air of gentility about him, well at least until he farts. Any potential friends would need to have an interest in lycra, not to mention a strong sense of control for when they see HIS cycling shorts!!! A genuine and caring friend, he is always on hand, willing and able to scrub a lady’s back whenever she can’t reach for herself.

Ok so this isn't Jane, but her friend (she's shouting 'EX-FRIEND' in my ear right now)Anne. We have been drinking red wine with our friend Dave for some hours now and decided to write personnal ads for each other, hence the above!!! Anyone willing to take Jane off our hands is eligible for a generous cash payout to help with their therapy bill, no really she is lovely and you should snap her up while you have the chance (i.e. before we have her committed)

Anne xxx

27 July 2005

26 July 2005

Not Quite Right.

Conservatives for American Values is a satirical blog that sends up the lunacy of fundamentalist Christians and Republicans who think Dubya is too liberal. Many of their readers get the joke but a few don't and the comments page is always interesting to read. Deeply earnest Liberals and Socialists get themselves more and more worked up and ranty and earnest committed Christians (non fundamentalist I assume) get upset by the bigoted and quite frankly unchristian statements made by the authors. The "authors" Michael Gregory Steele and Herman B Hayes always respond to the comments in the same satirical vein.

However, yesterday they blogged about the founder of Domino's Pizza, Tom Monaghan, wanting to found a town in Florida that would be inhabited only by practicing "orthodox" Catholics. Their post (I can't get it to link doh)was funny but the aims of Mr Monaghan are not. That anyone would want to build a town that was only aimed at one faith or denomination is depressing, it sounds like bigotry, yet not having enough confidence in their beliefs that they can stand them being tested in a multifaith or secular environment. Tom Monaghan seems to be promising a town with more churches than you can shake a stick at, with masses being said in each on the hour during the hours of daylight; that is going to take an awful lot of priests and the western church is running very short of them. Where once we exported them we are now importing priests from Latin America and the African continent. I was disturbed when reading more in the Boston Phoenix Online about it, that there are priests who are quite enthusiastic about the idea. To me it seems to go against much of what Christianity should stand for.

Ps. You may have noticed a "we" creep in there. I am an atheist but I was raised as a Catholic. I don't believe in God not because of anything the Catholic Church may have said or done it's because I just don't it is not rational.

PPS. It is a parody. Here is Michael explaining all:- Catch

25 July 2005

It's less than 5 months to the Doctor Who Christmas Special!

A big thanks to Joanna for finding this news about the new Dr Who series and the Christmas special.

I can't wait.

David Tennant also looks rather easy on the eye too.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Past Dr Who companion to return

Something Else To Do

Jennifer Government: NationStates

Discovered this on Don Swift's excellent blog (Update which unfortunately no longer exists). It's a great way to find out if you would be a just, fair, democratic leader or a crazed psychopath with hoards of scared subjects. Or to quote from the site itself:
Jennifer Government: NationStates is a nation simulation game. You create your own country, fashioned after your own ideals, and care for its people. Either that or you deliberately torture them. It's really up to you.
Now I really must go to bed.

24 July 2005

British Summer Barbeque

Went to a barbeque at my cousins' in Hertfordshire. The weather was dreadful we sat inside while Barry braved the rain.

lighting the bbqlighting the bbq

The weather was so miserable at first that we couldn't go outside to inspect the garden so we had to look at it from the upstairs balcony.

view of the streamupstairs

Even Levi the dog wasn't going outside.

levi waiting for the rain to stopLevi

The lunch was delicious, Barry getting wet was worth while. Eventually it stopped raining and we went out.


Fed the ducks.


But Levi still wasn't happy.

Levi outsideLevi

22 July 2005

Summer Ball Update

Well tonight is the night, I've washed my hair and I'm waiting for it to dry. Bunny asked what dress I will be wearing. So I will oblige it is long black velvet dress with a few sparkly bits on it.

After considering it and as the weather isn't brilliant I have decided to go for that taxi option. So that's it. I'm off to make myself beautiful.

Shooting On The Underground.

This morning armed police shot dead a man they had "wrestled" to the ground on an tube train as it was standing in Stockwell Underground Station. The police say he was directly linked to the terrorism activity in London. However if it turns out that this man was unarmed or even worse had didn't actually have any link to the terrorism then it will have been a very dark day for us.

The policemen who tackled him showed personal bravery as they believed that he was an armed suicide bomber that is without doubt and they were in hot pursuit but if they're wrong for whatever reason then the backlash could be massive, will probably be so whatever the guilt of this man was.

Oh it is all so depressing.

"This will not change the way we live" my arse.

21 July 2005

Were We "Lucky" Today?

The news is now saying that the minor explosions that happened today could well have been major bomb blasts but for our fortune that the terrorists were unlucky/incompetant. I hope that they are captured, perhaps that way with live suspects to question (not torture) we will be able to get solid intelligence that will help break up some more of the terrorist rings that seem to be operating here.


Grrr Broadband

Not mine I hasten to add, but my Mother's. The lack of blogging action from me yesterday was caused by me going round to my Mum's to help her get on broadband. The drivers for the modem installed like a dream we attached the relevant cables signed in and then the trouble started I was able to download the Zone Alarm free firewall for her but the computer kept on prompting us to reconnect to the internet and the number of times got "cannot find server" was phenomenal. So we decided to contact the free help line to ensure that we hadn't don't anything when I rang the number on Mum's landline I could hardly hear the computerised voice because of churning and whirling of the internet it sounded bit like the noise that dial up makes. In the end I had make the call by mobile.

Anyway to cut a long and frustrating couple of hours short we had two configurations 1 with the microswitch in the wall socket then the signal splitter plugged into that, with the extension to the computer and the phone line coming out of that. The phone was clear, but absolutely no broadband what so ever, the computer didn't pick up a byte of a signal.

The other way round, with the signal splitter in the wall socket and the micro switch and the phone line coming out of that, the puter realised it was attached to the internet but kept asking to be reconnected every five seconds and the phone line had a lot of noise on it again.

I consulted with my brother who is a computer expert he has suggested new microswitches and a shielded extension cable but I was wondering whether anyone else has had this problem and came up with a different solution.

18 July 2005

I'm Gonna Have Me Some Fun On Friday

I'm going to a summer ball on Friday, it should be good, the ticket is paid for, ouch, I know what I'm going to wear mostly, I've got the shoes, a new evening bag, a shawl in case it there is a slight chill while I'm drinking my pimms on the terrace and all drinks are included in the ticket price so I don't actually have to carry much money.

I'm basically sorted, except for one thing, how to get there? I've got 2 choices as I don't own a car. I can get a taxi 7 or 8 quid or I can catch the bus £1.50 but open to ridicule from the fenny bennys and the chavs. I'm tempted by the bus option as I can catch it almost from in front of my house and the drop off point is almost in front of the do. Of course taxi is door to door but does cost more than 4 times as much. I will have to think on it!

17 July 2005

Another Useful Blogging Tool

The hard working people, Ok Becky with too much time on her hands, has come up with a useful tool to help name or re-name blogs. Click here to see which name she has advised me to use. HERE

Excellent Advice for the New Blogger

And very funny too. From Maximum Awesome

Maximum Awesome Blogging Tips, help advice creating a blog starting

16 July 2005

Enough About Me Lets Talk About You

Site Meter and Stat Counter are wonderful, they capture all sorts of data about the people who visit the site, either by accident or on purpose from them I know that I've had visitors who have come from I know for instance that you are mostly British but with a strong showing from the US but I've had hits from people in

Austria, Australia, Argentina, Aruba, Albania, Azerbaijan, Burma, Belgium, Brazil, Bahrain, Belize, Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, Bermuda, Canada, Cambodia, Chile, Cyprus, Colombia, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, China, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Estonia, France, Finland and Fiji, Germany, Greece, Guam, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Iran, India, Indonesia, Italy, Iceland, Japan, Jordan, South Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Macedonia, Mauritius, Mexico, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway, Nicaragua, Niger, New Guinea, Qatar, Romania, Russia - (I so want to type USSR, showing my age now), Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Africa, St Lucia, Sweden, Singapore, Serbia and Montenegro, Switzerland, Syria, Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Peru, Philippines, Papua, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Slovakia,Taiwan, Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, USA - (doh I've had lots of American visitors), United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Vietnam, Venezuela, Yemen.

You should have been working:

BBC, US DOD, UK MoD, many hospitals and universities included Yale, Southampton, Lancaster, and Cornell, USAF, The Lady, Parliament, Group 4, Oxfam, Hat Trick Productions, The Chilean Ministry of Agriculture, Universities in Nashville and Los Angeles, Fermi Lab, NICE, the French Department of Agriculture, The National Center Of Atmospheric Research in Colorado

Many have been disappointed when searching for:

Wet Pussy - sorry that post is mostly about me hating PE

Scissor Sisters & Toilets - What?

Tgirl - I'm a Real Girl rather than a TGirl

Richard Ashcroft & Maria Carey - not musical bed fellows I would have said.

Tommy Balls - purveyors of the finest shoes with holes in them.

Boots Preview - there seems to be a start of a trend here

The phone number of the Kings Lynn Branch of Frankie and Benny's

Barbie T-Girl - now I know because I have links to trannie blogs and I occasionally talk about TG things so I know that I'm going to get hits when people do searches for TGirl with a modifier. I'm cool with that, I've been toying with linking to UK Angels if advice is what they are searching for. However what got me about this link was when I followed back to the referrer it was a swinging site who had linked to me based purely on a google or yahoo search - urgh I felt dirty. But if anyone comes here looking for Barbie T-Girls I can oblige please see below.


I also help many, or not, as the case may be, with the writing of leaving speeches

Hayley Atwell is always very popular as well.

Last Updated 10 December 07

Can Any One Think Of A David Bowie Song I Could Use For A Title?

As you can see I've changed my template, I decided that after a month I really did not like the pink of the background so rather than faff around changing it (translation - I don't know how to) I would go for a different style all together. Plus I rather like having the sidebar to the left being left handed it seems more natural to me. I want to fiddle around with it a bit more but I still haven't got round to buying a book on "HTML For The Easily Confused"

12 July 2005

What's the Farsi for Oi Pervert?

Well it has worked, have a post called wet pussy and a few weirdos will hit on my site. So far I've had a very disappointed Aussie who was looking for wet pussy and mum - sicko! and this one who was looking for wet pussy and blogspot. That's not the thing that surprised me so much as where he is from! Yes a big sloth hello to my first Iranian vistor!

Referring Link http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=wet pussy%2Cblogspot&ei=UTF-8&fr=ush1-mail&fl=0&x=wrt
IP Address 217.xxx.xxx.x
Country Iran, Islamic Republic Of

stats from stat counter

PS the mortifying thing, the really mortifying thing was that I was third in the list.

11 July 2005

What not to do...

When throwing yourself a 30th birthday BBQ. Of course you want your nearest and dearest there, your family, your intended's family (who have never meet before) and your friends. Ah.. your friends, this is where it could all go wrong, your friends are really nice people but they tend to get more hyperactive than a 3 year old on Sunny D. Throw into this explosive mix alcohol and pump action water guns it can only go in one direction. You, the birthday boy are going to get very very wet and embarrassed.

As I walked up to P's house I met by a sprinting P who immediately, with no thought what so ever to his own safety hid behind me shouting "You can't shoot, Jane's my friend, she doesn't want to get wet" as his partner's little girl and her friend took position behind cars and aimed their water pistols at us.

After I had escorted him to safety the embarrassment for P started, his intended's father thought that his sister was his mother! His mother who was a star was vying with his friends, us, in seeing who could make P go red the most! I thinks friends won, just, when L told P's mum about his bosom obsession, P's mum rallied very well but couldn't get the final killer shot in because she had forgotten to bring the baby photos.

Just a warning to you all be careful who you mix with alcohol. I have my mother well trained if I'm out with her and I see a mate I just slap her lightly round the chops and she assumes the "10 paces behind me - nothing to do with me mate" position.

09 July 2005

Scarface And The Grandfather Clock

I have a scar on my forehead. I got it when I was six, I was playing hide and seek whilst dressed as a princess, as you do when you are a six year old. I was the seeker I stood by the grandfather clock we had in our hall while I was counting up to 100. Having given my prey enough time to hide I flounced away from the clock to start searching for them. Somehow the material of the skirt I was wearing must have got caught behind the clock so as I moved away the skirt snagged on the wood at the back of the clock but instead of tearing or coming loose it snagged so I managed to unbalance the clock and it toppled over the face of the clock hitting me on my head. Fortunately I was not totally squished as it hit the wall opposite and got jammed so I was lucky I only suffered a minor flesh wound to my forehead.

I needed stitches about 2 big ones and loads of fine little ones.

Since then I have tried not to mix dressing up and flouncing. Some might say that I have not been very successful there.

I no longer play hide and seek

The scar is more noticeable in the flesh but I've pointed out with an arrow.

The Grandfather Clock however has never been quite the same.


I'm going to a friend's 30th birthday barbeque tonight should be fun I hope.

08 July 2005

Because I'm soft

Only because I'm soft and I like cats, please check out this site, a young family in New York City who are proud owners of a beautiful Maine cat had a horrific discovery one day, their beautiful cat had been deliberately injured by some dick. Vet bills are as expensive there as they are here, they have set up a website to raise funds to help pay the bills. I'm pretty sure it is genuine and he is a lovely cat, clicking on the ads will help.
Wampi the cat

30/7/05 Update some git aimed an ad clicker at the ads on the site so they had to be removed. Such a shame because it was a good way of helping them out, though I know more than enough about recycling plastic.


I'm watching/listening to Gardeners World on BBC2 when I hear as background music to some vegs, "A Forest" by The Cure in the style of Brazilian easy listening, what is the world coming to?

Robert 87-97 The Cure Offical Website

Considered Thoughts?

I've got two things to say about yesterday and then I will leave it alone as there are those that have first hand experience which I don't, but I have a mate who is in the RAF he has come back from Basra within the last month. T had a very valid point to make about yesterday and I paraphrase wildly but it was basically this. "We are upset about these 4 bombs in London and rightly so, but this happens every day in Basra and do we give a fuck? No because they are not white and they don't speak English"

The Queen made a speech today. No disrespect to her Maj but she is talking rubbish. She said that this wouldn't change the way we lived we would go on just as we have before. No it won't, I grew up with having my bag searched every time I entered a public building, visitors noted that we never had bins on our railway stations or Airports and that was for the IRA, who were never ever painted into being the biggest bogy men ever. We will go back to routine searches and fear except on a more regular basis. The levels of fear and distrust will rise just that little bit, more things will get that much worse not better. More barriers and the attacks will be used by those who will twist anything to support ID cards or to oppose ID cards. So many little freedoms will be eaten away.

So what if we still drink tea, London and the south east will never be the same again. Americans have admired our fortitude yes we are good at that but do not mistake the lack of obvious hysteria for the lack of hysteria.

Blatent Theft.

I've been catching up on my favourite blogs Joanna has two wonderful links which I am going to blatently knick because they are worth it. Flame warriors and bugs.

07 July 2005


What do you say? Its dreadful, cruel attack on ordinary people not doing anything, who ever the terrorists are it won't help their cause because attacking ordinary people never does, I'm scared this will only create more violence in the long run. I'm being very selfish I'm hoping my cousin and her husband who live in London and anyone else I know have not been affected by this; Mum has just rung their number and it is busy which is a good sign.

Just saw Tony Blair give his comments on this, he said it's linked to the start of the G8 summit, perhaps but I wonder if it was not linked to us winning the Olympics. I don't know I wouldn't wish this on anyone, it is appalling.

12:44 Quick update. Kate and Scott are both ok

Wet Pussy

So we have won the right to host the Olympics. Way to go us Brits! Except right now I don't feel excited, moderately pleased the investment into London's infrastructure is now assured, there will be lots of jobs created over the next few years which can't hurt. However it's too early for me to get worked up about the games themselves, it's just too far away. The athletes who will represent us in 2012 are mostly still at school practicing hard and fighting the battle against acne. Though, I will say, if Andy Murray builds on the promising start he showed at Wimbledon we should have a good chance at getting a gold in men's tennis.

I'm not particularly sporty, in fact I could be described as being spectacularly unsporty. I combine appalling hand eye coordination with the speed of a comatose sloth not a good mix and a good reason for me not doing sport. "Play for fun" I hear you cry, well, ok that's what my inner healthy sloth cries "sport doesn't have to be about winning!" Really? I also have a very competitive nature which is a really bad thing for someone who is crap at sport and games.

Side Note - I wrote this out in longhand earlier this evening while my mum watered the flower pots and runner beans in the garden. She also watered the cat as Kitty likes to play chicken with the water spray.

kitty and water 18 june

But anyhow, due to my awfulness at sport, PE was a trial for me, constantly being picked last always put into the position where my lack of coordination could do the least damage. Summer time was slightly better as with track and field you don't have teams but constantly being the last one to cross the line did not do much for my ego. It was 5 years of hell.

I went to live in the States for a year when I was 16 I went to school there. PE in America was much better for one thing apart from when I did lacrosse the classes were mixed sex! Wooo and we did fun stuff like play indoor football (Soccer to the Americans). Frisbee throwing, I kid you not I had half a semester of learning how to throw a frisbee, it was great. We also played indoor floor hockey and softball, no one really cared who won, least of all the teachers they would rather we did exercise of some sort and enjoyed ourselves, and I could get away with being awful by saying "but in my country we don't let women do these sports." I was never picked last because people wanted me on their team cos they "loved my accent" and actually, keep this under your hat though, I'm not completely awful at floor hockey!

I wonder how many hits I will get from people searching for "wet pussy"?

06 July 2005

Just a quickie

I'm at my Mum's again, this time to help her renew her virus protection subscription, not that she is not capable of doing it herself, oh no, Mum is a veteran computer user having first used one back in the days when they filled small rooms and spat out paper tape. But the Dr Norton website doesn't like her, it freezes when she is at the keyboard, this happened last year as well I had to take control of the keyboard to get the site to load. But hopefully this will be the last time I have to do it as she signed up to broadband today.

05 July 2005

Random Burblings � G8 Diary: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Random Burblings � G8 Diary: This Is What Democracy Looks Like An eyewitness report from someone who was caught up in the "riots" that happened in Edinburgh yesterday. He had his camara with him too even better!

04 July 2005

ID Cards

I've been meaning to write about ID cards and how stupid an idea I think they are for a while but every time i've started to do so the blasted PC has crashed. So rather than me bang on about what a crass waste of money they are, how they won't work or speculate on the motives have a look at this site No2ID and even though it hurts me to be fair this is what the Home Office (boo hiss) says about them more

03 July 2005

Gem No 3?

Not got much to say today haven't even been able to steal an idea ahem I mean been inspired by anything I've seen on the net today.

I did decide to remove the bravenet stat counter as it was not capturing all the hits I was getting and I replaced it with the globe visitors map.

I did find this though Conservatives for American Values through blog explosion. It's a spot on satire of far right Christian fundlementalist websites and blogs that you keep coming across if you flick through any blog list for too long. Well at least I sincerely hope it is.

02 July 2005

Scissor Sisters

Weren't the Scissor Sisters fantastic? Absolutely fantastic mini set and I liked their new song. So far of Live 8 they have been the best as far as I'm concerned. I hadn't intended to watch Live 8 at all other things to do, people to see, but it didn't work out so I've watched/listened to the TV instead.

I thought Dido was dreadful, the poor love can't really sing and she has this awful habit of over enunciating words yet at the same time swallowing most of the constants which means I can't work out what she is singing about, add to that off key warbling and it was a dismal performance the only highlight of her set was Youssou N'’Dour, he has such a beautiful flowing voice and his music is so lyrical, it was such a shame that when they dueted the roadies put Dido higher up in the mix than they did Youssou.

Elton John mercifully didn't do that song. Richard Ashcroft and Coldplay just proved to me why the Verve were a better band that Coldplay are. I can understand why Coldplay are going for the anthemic sound but it has gutted their music of all feeling, a bit never mind the quality feel the width. REM were OK, Bono sounded a bit rough during the U2 set. Thought the Killers should have been allowed a longer set. Most of the other bands have passed by like junket, making pleasant enough sounds but they have not impacted on the brain cells for long enough for me to remember who they were. The one exception to this was Madonna and no matter what you think of her music and I do not rate her at all highly, Chez Sloth is a Madonna free zone, she is a superb show-woman which is what an event like Live 8 thrives on.

Can't wait til Maria Carey comes on because that will be the sign that it's time to go for a Chinese.

Post Script.

The Chinese was lovely, Maria Carey still thinks that trilling your way up and down the scales equates to emotion, you think she would have learnt by now.

To be controversial I prefer the Scissor Sisters' version of Comfortably Numb.

Luther Vandross Dies

I was flicking through some blogs on blog explosion when I came across this. Such a shame, I'm not a huge fan of R&B/ modern soul music but he had such a lovely mellow voice.

mai made this

Oh Look At My Stats...

Being linked to by Music Spot has done wonders to my stats I was plodding along getting about 12 max regulars a day, a few first time visitors and about 40 page view then suddenly my stats went through my very modest window.

On Thursday I got 395 page views and 223 unique visitors. For me it's madness because I'm happy with my 10 to 12 regular readers and if I was getting another 5 to 8 first time visitors and 30 views I'm a fluffy bunny. But the numbers I've been getting over the last two days for me woah! I know it won't last in fact it hasn't here are my stats

I know it won't last if I pick up one or two new readers I'll be very pleased.

What I have found most exciting is where all the visitors have come from, there is something every exciting about the thought that my blog may be being read by someone in Finland or Canada.

This has turned into another blog about blogging I'm afraid but I'm still very excited by the whole phenomena I'll grow out of it I'm sure .

But this was not what I had thought I was going to blog about the other evening I've got a whole rant about the ID card thing but it will have to wait for another time cos it is now silly o'clock and I've got to go to bed.

Good night you all.

01 July 2005

Goth Barbie

Got sent this at work today, young Ady in the office said it reminded him of me!