07 July 2005

Wet Pussy

So we have won the right to host the Olympics. Way to go us Brits! Except right now I don't feel excited, moderately pleased the investment into London's infrastructure is now assured, there will be lots of jobs created over the next few years which can't hurt. However it's too early for me to get worked up about the games themselves, it's just too far away. The athletes who will represent us in 2012 are mostly still at school practicing hard and fighting the battle against acne. Though, I will say, if Andy Murray builds on the promising start he showed at Wimbledon we should have a good chance at getting a gold in men's tennis.

I'm not particularly sporty, in fact I could be described as being spectacularly unsporty. I combine appalling hand eye coordination with the speed of a comatose sloth not a good mix and a good reason for me not doing sport. "Play for fun" I hear you cry, well, ok that's what my inner healthy sloth cries "sport doesn't have to be about winning!" Really? I also have a very competitive nature which is a really bad thing for someone who is crap at sport and games.

Side Note - I wrote this out in longhand earlier this evening while my mum watered the flower pots and runner beans in the garden. She also watered the cat as Kitty likes to play chicken with the water spray.

kitty and water 18 june

But anyhow, due to my awfulness at sport, PE was a trial for me, constantly being picked last always put into the position where my lack of coordination could do the least damage. Summer time was slightly better as with track and field you don't have teams but constantly being the last one to cross the line did not do much for my ego. It was 5 years of hell.

I went to live in the States for a year when I was 16 I went to school there. PE in America was much better for one thing apart from when I did lacrosse the classes were mixed sex! Wooo and we did fun stuff like play indoor football (Soccer to the Americans). Frisbee throwing, I kid you not I had half a semester of learning how to throw a frisbee, it was great. We also played indoor floor hockey and softball, no one really cared who won, least of all the teachers they would rather we did exercise of some sort and enjoyed ourselves, and I could get away with being awful by saying "but in my country we don't let women do these sports." I was never picked last because people wanted me on their team cos they "loved my accent" and actually, keep this under your hat though, I'm not completely awful at floor hockey!

I wonder how many hits I will get from people searching for "wet pussy"?


  1. I am glad my city (Miami Floirda USA) lost the bid for the last summer games. The traffic would be horrible (Miami has no public transit to speak of), and when the games left we would be stuck with stadiums that nobody would use. The short term economic benefits would be offset by taxpayers having to maintain whatever they had to build.

    Have fun with the circus that will decend upon you. Book your holiday in Scotland now! You might want to just leave town.

    As for me, I only watch one summer olympic event - womens beach volleyball!

  2. It seems your cat and my dog have a penchant for hosepipes - Wet Pussy, Wet Pussy, Wet Pussy, Wet Pussy, Wet Pussy... there, that should help you get a few more searchers. Sorry, very juvenile.

  3. that was hilarious! lol lol,
    i gotta admit, there ain't
    nothin' to compare with a
    nice wet pussy! lol...poor kitty.

  4. Suprised you don't have coarse comments from disappointed "wet pussy" searchers. On reflection they're probably too ...um... distracted to type!