26 February 2009

Been Sleeping

I've not blogged in a while mostly because I've started to feel tired, so tired again. That and discovering Twitter was actually fun, if you keep it small. Valerie blogged about the meaningless of facebook and flickr if you have so many contacts you can't remember who they are and why you added them in the first place. I agree and I've felt this from the very start, so I've never let my friends and contacts lists grow too large and I've been selective over who I've added especially facebook where I could add many more people who I know through work, high school in the states and friends but I haven't because it's not the quantity of people you know it's the quality of the relationship you have with them.

I know it is very fashionable at the moment to diss the social networking sites but they do have a valuable place in the get gamut of communication which where I disagree with the "get off line and do something else" theme that has been running. That's great of course and I interact in more traditional ways with lots of people every day. However in about a month's time I will stop working, for a short while I will be without a car and stuck at home in a very small hamlet where I know only the next door neighbour who works, very near a town where I know practically no one. Of course this is going to change again, we will get another car so I won't be stuck in the boonies, we will start going to anti-natal classes where I shall start making a new set of friends and acquaintances as we bond over the ridiculousness of the breathing exercises. But there will be a gap, and the internet, along with the phone will help stave off the loneliness and the boredom I am most likely to feel.

11 February 2009

History of the Internet

Concise and lovely looking history of the internet.

05 February 2009