27 October 2008

Too Tired To Blog

It's our wedding anniversary today but I'm too tired to blog, surfice to say we had a nice time.

25 October 2008

So Far

So far I have not been sick and long may this continue. However I have felt queasy most of the time especially when in food shops or trying to choose a sandwich at work.

No the worst effect of the hormones so far has been to make me feel absolutely shattered a lot of the time. Just driving to work has been enough to wipe me out for most of the morning which isn't really an idea situation as they do expect me to do stuff when I get there. However I have very considerate bosses and they have allowed me to work from home on occasion, which helped increase my output no end on those days.

The other effect of the hormones is that almost anything and everything can make me cry at the moment: sad looking puppies, ads for Russell Brand programmes (that man is a right royal bastard), just the mention of Two Little Boys. The inner me knows that it's a bit silly to be crying at such things but the outer me is sobbing her heart out and it's all a bit embarrassing.

21 October 2008


When I saw the blue/purple line emerge on the little white sick it was probably one of the life changing moments in my life ever. But we didn't trust that test so we got the more expensive one and yes the crossed blue lines appeared.

My doctor is very good but he is a bit of a glass half empty sort of chap so when I rocked up saying I was pregnant but had a bit of spotting what I would have normally described as period pain he was worried and refered me up to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit at the hospital.

10 days ago I had a scan that confirmed that the pregnancy was not ectopic but while we could the yolk sac (their words not mine) we couldn't see junior yet as s/he was too small.

Today I had another scan, we saw this

Baby Scan.

8weeks2days "old" 16.6 milimetres long with a strong heartbeat.

The little blue cross was a life changing moment but now I can believe that it is really real.

20 October 2008

Doing ECDL

On a week's long training course so that I can get an European Computer Driving Licence. Unfortunately I can't just swan in and take the module exams, I have to do the training either on line or in a week's tutorial. The week's tutorial method sounded like the least painful overall, for two reasons; I can do an extra exam which will give me ECDL level two which I won't get from the on line training and it's a lot harder to cancel a whole week than it is the occasional afternoon down the computer centre.

Even though 95 percent of it is completely old stuff to me I'm still learning the new, like mail merge although now I can't think of when I would ever use it.

And why am I doing ECDL? Because at some stage I'm going to be looking for a new job and the number of job ads asking for ECDL have been rapidly increasing and I have a sneeking feeling that my 'O' Level in computer studies may no longer have the kudos it should do.

18 October 2008

Where you came from

On the old blog I listed where the readers came from. I see no reason not to restart this happy habit so far you've come from

Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Netherlands, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and USA

Updated 30 November 2008

17 October 2008

New All About Me

New Blog new all about me section, I've left the old one intact but closed to comments.

The Me Me Me Section

Age: 39

Starsign: Astrology is nonsense, a sop to the credulous but if you are interested - Leo

Live: In King's Lynn Norfolk.

Loves: My husband Simon, we got married 27 October 2007

Job: Civil Servant, but not for much longer I was lucky enough to be picked for an Early Release Scheme so I will be leaving the Civil Service in March 2009.

Money: Not enough I refer you to the Job entry.

TV: Mainly BBC2 or Channel4Doctor Who, Horizon, Grand Designs, The Fast Show, The Mighty Boosh although I fear that they may well have jumped the shark - the last series was very poor compared to the first two. I have also become slightly addicted to MASH reruns and Star Trek (all series) repeats

Radio: There is only one radio station Radio 4. I've been listening to it for years, I listen to it in the car on my way to and from work, having said that I am getting fonder of Radio 5 Live. Particular favourites on R4 are; The News Quiz, From Our Own Correspondent, The Now Show, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Coming back in June 09, The Archers (there is no script you know!) PM, Today, Broadcasting House. On Radio Five Live - I really enjoy Simon Mayo's show when I catch it and I'm a subscriber to the Kermode Mayo film reviews.

Favourite Comedians: Bill Bailey, Eddie Izzard, Marcus Brigstocke, Jeremy Hardy, Jenny Eclair they are always worth watching or listening to whatever they are in.  We are going to see Frankie Boyle at the end of the month.

Drink: Yes please

Votes: Yes but not on Big Brother

Education: Loads, studied Physics and Astronomy at Uni didn't get my degree though which is why I'm a civil servant. Has my education come in useful in my work? Yes, I'm not an engineer but I know when I'm being given engineering bullshit.

Fears: Spiders, really scared of them. Feet and the things at the end of them, my idea of torture would be a pedicure, the thought of it makes me feel poorly.

Reads: The Guardian, Private Eye, The new scientist,

Dislikes: Well, you guess.  I'm a fessed up Guardian reader, on the political compass I'm in the bottom left quadrant it should be fairly obvious which isms I'm against. Oh and I can't stand replacement Upvc double glazing in period houses ugh.

15 October 2008

Something New

I've come to the conclusion that it's time for a re-launch. The old blog name, while it never made sense, has lost its charm. Also I've started to worry that it may be discovered by the wider world at work so although I've never blogged about what I do except in the most cursory way, I don't believe that all my colleagues are as open minded about the LBGT world as you and I don't want my last six months at work to be blighted by snide or purient comments.

I will import the old blog contents in the near future.

11 October 2008

Oh The Humanity!

When will this endless slaughter end?
Huge props to Orac, where I first saw this.

01 October 2008

Still Alive

In blog terms it has been a positive age since I last posted. It turns out that it took me much longer than I expected to recover from the virus I had. What with the week of holiday I had at the top of the month I have effectively been out of the office for the whole of September, the few days I graced the place have been lost to my still feeling very tired and feeble. It has only been in the last 24 hours or so that I have properly surfaced and taken in my surroundings, Probably just in time too as I am going to be a bridesmaid on Saturday it will be my first time as one and I do not want to disgrace myself by falling asleep during the speeches.