28 July 2005

Summer Weather.

I was happily sitting at the computer when I heard what sounded like someone throwing rice at the window, it was raining buckets the heavy showers that we had been threatened with finally turned up.

And then almost as suddenly, while I was waiting for a really sodden predestrian to walk by so I could take a photo to put in a blog it stopped raining and a rainbow appeared which I did take a photo of but unfortunately it was too faint for my camera to capture so I have done an artistic impression of what it looked like for you all to enjoy!


  1. Up above the streets and houses,
    Rainbow climbing high,
    everyone can see it smiling
    over the sky.

  2. I'm flabbergasted at your resourcefulness. Who needs photographs!

  3. Jane,

    Be careful that is almost verging on tweeness. lol

  4. Beautiful rainbow, too bad the real thing didn't show. That's always a bummer.

    I hope your weather shapes up, I'll send some pretty weather your way... I've got a lot to spare lately!

  5. My digital camera is horrible at capturing colors too. And I got a fairly nice one! I paid $700 for it. But you did a decent job photoshoping the thing back in.

    Summer rain for me is normal. Every day it rains in Dade County, but the county is large so that rain does not always fall on me.

    And one more thing. What is the deal with the zig-zag white lines on British streets?

  6. Eeore - Lol I had the song - I can see a rainbow in my headwhen I was doing it.

    Don - Thank you.

    Dave - No tweeness is when I start drawing pictures of kittens and giggling a lot.

    Bunny - It was beautiful if a tad faint but I had hoped it would capture it. Fortunately the weather has improved today I'm now bright red as I caught the sun this afternoon.

    L.I. - Yes I agree digital cameras are getting better all the time but they don't quite capture colour the same way as film ones do. It hasn't rained too much this summer some areas of the country are looking a hosepipe bans but when it does it can be so miserable as it gets cold.

    The white zig zag lines mean no stopping usually get them around zebra or pelican crossings.