16 July 2005

Enough About Me Lets Talk About You

Site Meter and Stat Counter are wonderful, they capture all sorts of data about the people who visit the site, either by accident or on purpose from them I know that I've had visitors who have come from I know for instance that you are mostly British but with a strong showing from the US but I've had hits from people in

Austria, Australia, Argentina, Aruba, Albania, Azerbaijan, Burma, Belgium, Brazil, Bahrain, Belize, Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, Bermuda, Canada, Cambodia, Chile, Cyprus, Colombia, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, China, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Estonia, France, Finland and Fiji, Germany, Greece, Guam, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Iran, India, Indonesia, Italy, Iceland, Japan, Jordan, South Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Macedonia, Mauritius, Mexico, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway, Nicaragua, Niger, New Guinea, Qatar, Romania, Russia - (I so want to type USSR, showing my age now), Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Africa, St Lucia, Sweden, Singapore, Serbia and Montenegro, Switzerland, Syria, Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Peru, Philippines, Papua, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Slovakia,Taiwan, Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, USA - (doh I've had lots of American visitors), United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Vietnam, Venezuela, Yemen.

You should have been working:

BBC, US DOD, UK MoD, many hospitals and universities included Yale, Southampton, Lancaster, and Cornell, USAF, The Lady, Parliament, Group 4, Oxfam, Hat Trick Productions, The Chilean Ministry of Agriculture, Universities in Nashville and Los Angeles, Fermi Lab, NICE, the French Department of Agriculture, The National Center Of Atmospheric Research in Colorado

Many have been disappointed when searching for:

Wet Pussy - sorry that post is mostly about me hating PE

Scissor Sisters & Toilets - What?

Tgirl - I'm a Real Girl rather than a TGirl

Richard Ashcroft & Maria Carey - not musical bed fellows I would have said.

Tommy Balls - purveyors of the finest shoes with holes in them.

Boots Preview - there seems to be a start of a trend here

The phone number of the Kings Lynn Branch of Frankie and Benny's

Barbie T-Girl - now I know because I have links to trannie blogs and I occasionally talk about TG things so I know that I'm going to get hits when people do searches for TGirl with a modifier. I'm cool with that, I've been toying with linking to UK Angels if advice is what they are searching for. However what got me about this link was when I followed back to the referrer it was a swinging site who had linked to me based purely on a google or yahoo search - urgh I felt dirty. But if anyone comes here looking for Barbie T-Girls I can oblige please see below.


I also help many, or not, as the case may be, with the writing of leaving speeches

Hayley Atwell is always very popular as well.

Last Updated 10 December 07


  1. I get the same on my blog - the biggest searches on google for me this month are "looks gross" and "salad fingers" - not exactly what I was hoping for.

    Although I get people from all over the world reading my blog - 90% are always going to be from the UK and USA.

    I was upset that I only got 1 referal from your site this month :)

  2. Bet you havent had a post from Guam before! haha.

  3. Hello from Denver, Colorado!

  4. I've had a visitor on my site from Macau (I don't even know where that is!!!)

    Two of my favourite searches this month have been...Jimi Hendrix coat of arms & hoover washer dryer smoke!!!

    I'm pretty confident they didn't find what they where after on my site ;-)

  5. Blake Reimer23 July, 2005

    Greetings from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.... and a fellow sloth.

  6. Rick - Always good to meet fellow sloths

  7. Hello from your MoD Reader(s) :o)

    Dropped a link to you on my blog

  8. Oddest geographical hit I've had is from antarctica

  9. I had a hit on my blog from someone clearly Googling their own name... Which wouldn't have been so unfortunate had I not been ranting about how much I disliked said person... Ooops.

  10. Love the photo.

    Can you give me her e-mail please?

  11. If you're after transgenered dolls, go for the tranny prince charming cake I made for April for her last birthday

    Cake Pic

  12. Charlee you are a genius!

  13. I looked at my stats last night, I think it was the first time I had looked at them in about three months or so. I've started to take less and less notice of them, but then I've always been more interested in specific people viewing my site (ie picture editors, curators, publishers, promoters, pr and press, other photographers, artists and so on - people I give my card to or email) rather than the more general semi-anonymous demographics.

    Why was Nepal in bold?

  14. Hi April,

    Nepal is in bold because it's a new addition to the list of countries.

    The list of countries is there because I'm fascinated with the reach that the internet potentially gives to my blog.

    I agree, it's the people who look at my blog who are more important than the stats the counters capture but for the majority of them unless they have an identifiable ISP provider I don't know who they are. That's why comments are so nice. I've thought about having a guest book but they've always seemed to me to be a bit of a "oooh look at me and tell me how much you love me" ego boost which could back fire.