30 October 2006

Tranny Feet the sequel

One of the photos on this blog gets me traffic at a steady rate; a very steady rate in fact, I would say at least one hit a day often more. It happened by accident I didn't know that there was an audience for this but there is, so purely in the interests of science I present more tranny feet.

Tranny Feet 2

29 October 2006

Been To A Halloween Party


We had a great time, eat, drank and danced moderately. There isn't much more to say than that (mostly because I'm crap at describing parties) but there are lots of lovely photos here.

27 October 2006

Robotic Dalek Halloween Pumpkin

Want. One.

How to make - Robotic Dalek Pumpkin

Picture by Oskay

It Is Almost The Weekend - I Am Losing My Voice

Bex and I are going up to Derby this weekend too, for a fancy dress party at Sophie's. I am going as a lady pirate I have asked Becky to see if she can find me talking parrot for me, preferably one that can say "Another drink, for me? Why thank you very much" I'm not sure how much luck Bex will have finding one in King's Lynn.

This evening Miss K's new band Deathline will be playing their first gig at the Hope and Anchor pub, Islington. Their myspace area is here for downloads and stuff. Unfortunately I can't go as poverty (end of the month) and having to slave as a Tranny Wallah™ for Bex. I have to make a tutu more sticky out I made the basic one last night but it now needs the embellishments but I managed to break two sewing machine needles in the process so will have to finish it tonight.

I'm not sure how old my sewing machine is, my grandmother gave it to me about 10 years ago and I think she got it second hand, it's a singer machine the body of it is metal I'm thinking early 60's late 50s. It's very basic it doesn't have the switches and knobs for all the fancy stitching but that suits me as I'm a basic and infrequent seamstress, straight lines joining things together no need for me to do much more.

Update - just had a phone call from Becky all pirate stuff has been sold out in King's Lynn so I am no longer going to be doing my Johnny Depp Impression I'm gonna be a witch! which is nice.

It's "Wear It Pink" day today I'm not wearing pink (I don't have anything pink that's suitable) I still got churned for money this morning. I don't mind the fund raising it's a very laudable cause though so is prostate cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK and I don't see any "Wear It Blue" days going on which is a shame as men's health issues tend not to get the exposure that they should do.

No I don't mind giving to various charities at all what I mind is the sense of enforced jollity and "you must join" in about it. I don't want to, I don't like the ostentatiously wacky fund raising for charity and I loathe with a passion all these sponsored treks for charity. That's someones holiday dressed up as being altruistic. It is bollocks. It's a puritan streak in me I know, but I just feel that people making a big song and dance about the "charidy" they are doing are more interested in getting the kudos than the cause, I also think there is something wrong in people expecting to get something in return for giving to charity above and beyond the inner glow of knowing that you've done something right. No doubt I'm not being realistic but it's how I feel

26 October 2006

Autumn, bloody autumn

I was gonna blog at about the clocks changing this weekend and how I liked going home in the dark with the glow of lights of houses, shops and street lamps to guide me home. How I like the cosy feeling it gives me and how it reminds me of being a small child, learning why my red coat looked odd in the sodium light thrown out on the streets of Edinburgh at night.

Basically I was going to do about 150 words on how lovely autumn was, but it was pissing it down this evening as I went home, I got thoroughly soaked and cold and I felt miserable.

Then I remembered Torchwood was on BBC2 tonight - double bill.

Yay it's not the complete dog I was worried about.

First episode introduced the Torchwood team through the eyes of an innocent outsider who will become one of the team by the end of the episode. A stock introduction to many a new series so sit back and enjoy how they do it rather than whys of the plot. Episode two of the series was another stock episode outline "Newbie's first, disasterish day at work" So again sit back and enjoy and I did, muchly.

Torchwood may be more adult in theme and tone: swearing, orgasmic energy, some violence and on screen suicide at it's heart it is pure joyous entertainment rather than challenging, stroky beardie Drama. But that's entertainment with a capital E, very high production values, a witty script and a good cast. And they managed to make Cardiff look sexy which is a bit of a feat so props to the editors.

It's going to be an OK autumn after all.

24 October 2006

Haddock Or... Kipper

We saw Mitchell and Webb tonight in Peterborough. Si got us good seats not too far back on the aisle, great for the sprint to the bar during the interval and I can recommend the Broadway for having very comfy seats with plenty of leg room. But enough of the incidentals, on with the show.

We laughed until we almost had minor accidents. Although some of the sketch endings were a bit abrupt, perhaps a sign that they haven't quite gained their stage show legs yet, it was ver' funny. Many of the sketches from the TV series were there in an expanded form, "Are We The Baddies?" Numberwang and "Oooh,That's a Bad Miss" they also staged sketches from the radio: a complete joy was their film about cricket.

Yes, Sir Digby Ceaser Chicken did appear as did "Big Talk", twice. The second time round it was after the interval and it was "audience participation time" remember the
Si got us good seats not too far back on the aisle
Well it turns out that they were not far enough back, as I found out with a microphone thrust under my nose and orders to ask the boffins "A BIG QUESTION"

22 October 2006

I Don't Have BBC3 - Take Two

So could everybody refrain from blogging, commenting or showing screen shots of Torchwood until after it has been shown on BBC2 on Wednesday?

I thank you.

OK Scratch That Below.

I Don't Have BBC3

So could everybody please tell me what happens on Torchwood tonight?

(Jane: What are you doing writing on my blog???)

(Simon: Nothing!) :-)

19 October 2006

Meta Moo

Meta Moo

My Moo Cards arrived today.

Shuffle Moo

Translucent matt finish, heavy paper they are things of beauty, I want to give them away and keep them, in equal measure.

Get Yer Free Darwin Here

If you are British you will no doubt have heard of this on the news already, but those rather fine chaps at Cambridge University have been really busy with the scanner machines recently so that we the general public can have free access to the work of Charles Darwin, certainly one of the most important scientific men of the last 250 year.

18 October 2006

Linky Links

Astronomy Cast - Newly (relatively) started series of podcasts about Astronomy, I'm enjoying them on the bus it's science without the hard maths but none the worst for that.

I really really dislike Yahoo ugly and avaricious is my feeling about the site still, I shouldn't get a feeling of grim satisfaction when they post iffy results.

One of those clever chaps from B3ta's been directing videos, sweet, geeky and very in the spirit of C86. The Gay Train

17 October 2006

Reident DJ

Today is the History Matters Great Big Blog day. Write a diary entry send it to them and they'll bung it in an archive for evermore, except the more interesting or bathetic ones which they'll put into a coffee table book in time for Christmas no doubt. Very worthy it's sort of a bit like the mass observation project that ran from 1937 until about the mid 50s then was restarted in 1981, but I can't see how much real use one day from many people will be. Also I read their terms and conditions and thought nah not for me.

So my drivel will have to stay outside of academic archives for a little longer.

Anyway my day, well the bits of my day that I can repeat to yous out there, was dull. Go to work talk to people, shuffle bits of paper, answer questions and give advice, draft emails and letters. In the inbetweenie bits, that is lunch, I had a look at flickr check out this marvelous dress. The young lad in the office is thinking of a tattoo so has been drawing designs on paper and his hand to see how they look. He says that he's not going to have it on his hand it was just so that he could show the lady who is going to do the design for him his ideas.

a. The lady who does tattoo design is "quite hawt" apparently

b. We would have let him take a sheet of paper out of the office but he said that this helped him to remember.

On the way home I saw the poster for the nightclub stuck up in the bus shelter near work. I've pixilated some details as I don't want to give the oxygen of publicity to them more than I can help it. I've no idea who they are trying to attract with this. :-/

And there you go quite a blah day really I think better out of any serious depository than in.

16 October 2006

Bugger, Bastard Power Cuts

I did have a really good blog post almost completed saying how fab the last 9 days had been, TX meeting up with Clarissa, Jo and Valerie for dinner (Tracey and Connie should have been there as well but Tracey was under the weather so Connie did the fond and romantic thing of staying home with her) and then meeting Cyanne and Katya and Tidy and Anna for the first time and seeing Shannon, Mini and Pia and Jo and then I had gone on to say how great our holiday in the Algarve was and how we had really enjoyed it.

Bloody bastard power cut has just happened about 3 spellings before hitting "Publish"

So instead I'll just have to point you at this

And point out that I looked rather good for 5 seconds on Saturday Night

Photo as what was taken by that rather talented Becky

15 October 2006

We're Baaaack!

Got loads of things to sort out, like find some decent pictures to put up on Flickr, blogs to read, washing to do etc. But in the meanwhile here is a short film, not the best sound quality because of the wind I'm afraid but enjoy nethertheless.

05 October 2006


So it's finally turned a bit parky, the Indian Summer has turned into grey lowering clouds, driving persistent rain and gusty winds, deep joy. It isn't actually that cold in my living room 20C but my hands feel cold and there is an unpleasant draught playing on my spine. Good excuse to ensure the central heating is still working, bleed radiators, that sort of thing. Well it does and there is no air in the system.

It's this sort of weather, wet, dreary and damp that makes one realise that summer holidays abroad happen at the wrong time of year, you don't need to go to Cyprus in summer it's warm enough here. So OK the sea is a sort of dirty green here, cold and smells slightly of pee and it's warmer in the Mediterranean but that's just being picky. NO the right time to go abroad for a summer holiday is now, which is exactly what Bex and I are doing we are vacating Goth Towers and EnVérité Acres for the duration to go to Portugal, the Algarve to be exact. I will be the first member of my family to visit Portugal since my Grandfather walked there from Dunkirk in 1940.

I think it may have changed.

02 October 2006


The Lancaster bomber over Cambridgeshire have you seen the supersized bug over Germany?

01 October 2006

Sunday Afternoon

Nice Weather For Ducks

Only about an hour before I had said to Simon as we were walking through town in the warm sunshine, enjoying the gentle breeze, "You wouldn't think that it was the 1st of October would you"