18 June 2005

So What's It All About Then?

Thought I would create an about me post so that I can link to it in the side bar. The profile that Blogger give is ok but that's it.

The Me Me Me Section

Age: 39

Starsign: Astrology is nonsense, a sop to the credulous but if you are interested - Leo

Live: With Simon my husband in King's Lynn. I moved in Easter 07, so I now live in not quite flat Norfolk, close to the sea side, Sandringham, fields and fields of lavender.

Loves/Family: Simon and I got engaged on 15 December 2006, we got married on 27 October 2007. We are expecting our first child in late May 2009

Job: Civil Servant, nuff said. After 14 long years I am got what the CS call Early Release so I am now, as of today retired from the Civil Service but I am not 'unemployed' until January '10 because I am getting Statutary Maternity Leave.

Money: Not enough I refer you to the Job entry.

TV: Mainly BBC2 or Channel4 - League of Gentlemen, Blackadder, Newsnight, Bremner Bird and Fortune, Doctor Who, CSI if I remember, Horizon, Equinox, Grand Designs, Little Britain, The Fast Show, The Mighty Boosh. We are enjoying Heroes, Hyperdrive and Star Trek reruns at the moment. The Daily Show rocks.

Radio: There is only one radio station Radio 4. I've been listening to it for years, the first thing I do when I get home it turn the nearest radio on, then as I visit each room in the flat I turn the radio on in there, I've even got one in the bathroom so that I can listen to Radio 4 when having a bath. Having said that I'm currently listen to Radio 5 live as Any Answers is on 4. Particular favourites on R4 are; The News Quiz, From Our Own Correspondent, The Now Show, Sorry I Haven't A Clue, The Archers (there is no script you know!) PM, Today, Broadcasting House. Ways to improve R4 get rid of Quote Unquote, Home Truths (the BBC took it off the air, the might of the humble blog eh ;) ), Any Answers, You and Yours, and please do something about the Sunday evening line up it is so dreary. I know it is back to work the next day for most of us but I don't want to be uplifted or bored to death, I want to be amused how about repeats of the Goon Show or Round the Horne?

Favourite Comedians: Bill Bailey, Eddie Izzard, Marcus Brigstocke, Jeremy Hardy, Jenny Eclair they are always worth watching or listening to whatever they are in, the Mighty Boosh.

Drink: If it's got alcohol in it I'll give it a spin at least once. Having said that I prefer real ale, my father was a member of CAMERA, red wine and campari and orange juice, cuba libres and mojitos are nice too. I don't like Advocat, alchopops and anything that tastes of aniseed. Non alcoholic drinks - strong coffee, weak tea, grapefruit juice, Irn Bru. Currently almost on the wagon

Votes: Every election since the age of 18, not that my vote has ever counted for much as I've always been registered in safe Tory seats. I don't like New Labour but I really loathe the Tories. Voted Lib Dem last time just so that my vote could help eat away at the Tory margin.

Education: Loads, studied Physics and Astronomy at Uni didn't get my degree though which is why I'm a civil servant. Has my education come in useful in my work? Yes, I'm not an engineer but I know when I'm being given engineering bullshit.

Fears: Spiders, really scared of them. Feet and the things at the end of them, my idea of torture would be a pedicure, the thought of it makes me feel poorly.

Reads: The Guardian, Private Eye, Q Magazine actually I cancelled my subscription to Q I remembered why I stopped reading it last time. Far too up the arses of established bands and "safe".

Dislikes: Well, you guess, I'm a fessed up Guardian reader, on the political compass I'm in the bottom left quadrant it should be fairly obvious which isms I'm against. Oh and I can't stand replacement Upvc double glazing in period houses ugh.

I would like to learn to fly a light aircraft but it's too expensive.

Prompted by some questions from Kate Weston.

Music: Some of the bands that are not listed in my profile (I ran out of space) that I also like are: Oasis, Interpol, The Three Johns, The Smiths, Primal Scream, The Kills and The Killers.

Musical Skills: I can't play an instrument I had some piano lessons but didn't really take to it and was taught to play the recorder a little at primary school but I never took to that either. Sometimes I wish I had stuck to piano. Though in my idle daydreams I wish I was a guitar rock goddess playing in a band whose influences included the Pixies and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Poetry: mmm I've never really got poetry, I did modern, post WWII poets for O level Eng Lit so have never been properly introduced to them. I prefer prose and plays.

If you have any questions about me you would like answering, well, ask them I'm not a mind reader. If they are not too crude, rude, yicky or too personal I will answer them, probably.

Last Updated 27 March 09


  1. can i persuade you to dabble in a little radio 2 now and again? i can thoroughly recommend jeremy vine (12-2pm, weekdays) although i guess you need to be home...and jonathon woss on a saturday morning (10-1, i think) is fun too

    radio 4 is marvellous but it's fun to hear a little musak now and again

  2. Nice profile. :-)

    I particularly liked the use of the word "credulous" to describe astrology fans.

    In fact your whole profile reads like a version of me as a girl. If that makes sense!

  3. Yes it does Becky... I think :-)

  4. Kate Weston17 August, 2005

    Music doesn't feature strongly in your profile (unlike the vast majority of profiles I have seen). Do you have a favourite style, or artist? Do you play an instrument at all? Words on the other hand are obviously very important to you, do you have a favourite poet?

  5. Kate Weston17 August, 2005

    Oops - sorry - just got to your other profile (the one with the music on it) - so ignore my last post - or at least the first part - I'd still like to know about the instrument and the poet.

  6. Like the amendment :)


  7. "Astrology is nonsense, a sop to the credulous but if you are interested - Leo"

    Darling - thats just so typical Leo - dont you know