08 July 2005

Considered Thoughts?

I've got two things to say about yesterday and then I will leave it alone as there are those that have first hand experience which I don't, but I have a mate who is in the RAF he has come back from Basra within the last month. T had a very valid point to make about yesterday and I paraphrase wildly but it was basically this. "We are upset about these 4 bombs in London and rightly so, but this happens every day in Basra and do we give a fuck? No because they are not white and they don't speak English"

The Queen made a speech today. No disrespect to her Maj but she is talking rubbish. She said that this wouldn't change the way we lived we would go on just as we have before. No it won't, I grew up with having my bag searched every time I entered a public building, visitors noted that we never had bins on our railway stations or Airports and that was for the IRA, who were never ever painted into being the biggest bogy men ever. We will go back to routine searches and fear except on a more regular basis. The levels of fear and distrust will rise just that little bit, more things will get that much worse not better. More barriers and the attacks will be used by those who will twist anything to support ID cards or to oppose ID cards. So many little freedoms will be eaten away.

So what if we still drink tea, London and the south east will never be the same again. Americans have admired our fortitude yes we are good at that but do not mistake the lack of obvious hysteria for the lack of hysteria.


  1. Spot on. Cushioned by all those levels of security, it's easy for the Queen and Tony Blair to tell us that what has happened "will not change our way of life" - by which I take it they mean "will not change my way of life".

  2. She's right though, I saw The Queen on the tube into Oxford Circus, this morning. She seemed to be having difficulty with her Oyster card and was swearing like a trooper.

  3. came here to make serious comment but then read wyndham's comment and started giggling (well, i have also been on the gin - long may that english tradition continue)