03 July 2005

Gem No 3?

Not got much to say today haven't even been able to steal an idea ahem I mean been inspired by anything I've seen on the net today.

I did decide to remove the bravenet stat counter as it was not capturing all the hits I was getting and I replaced it with the globe visitors map.

I did find this though Conservatives for American Values through blog explosion. It's a spot on satire of far right Christian fundlementalist websites and blogs that you keep coming across if you flick through any blog list for too long. Well at least I sincerely hope it is.


  1. I'm from BE :)

    Try www.sitemeter.com for stats. It's actually halfway decent. Anything from Bravenet is absolute rubbish.

    And I know what you mean about most BE blogs. There's an awful lot of daft people out there.

  2. I know what you mean about sitemeter they are good I've got one and have found it the easiest to use and I like their graphs.

  3. sorry for rambling on the other night....

    in the words of that bloke on the Fast Show, 'I was very, very drunk.'

  4. That's ok Eeore :-)

  5. Statcounter is the best site for stats. Take a look!

  6. statcounter is good... and so is statmeter... but then you are already using both of them....

    nice to see you taking a look at blogexplosion....

    as for whether ot not it is satire.... there is no telling with them crazy yanks.... lol....

  7. Do not mock me...

    These people are following the true path....

    You would be well advised to follow their example....

  8. I've seen that little gem too.. I left a comment to the effect that I was hoping it was a piss-take, and got the response that it "didn't sound like an American expression" and the writer "tries not to respond to non-Americans." The jury's out, but I'm more disturbed by it now than I was..

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  10. When I was much younger i was a conservative, I have since recovered from my mental illness. lol

    Good blog you have.