31 January 2007

Someone Seems To Have Broken Teh Internet

It's running r-e-a-l-l-y slowly and doing odd things. That's all, except we came across a bloke trying to stop a teenaged girl from throwing herself into the river, we helped and then she ran off.

Go look at Billy's blog and mock Keith Waterhouse.

29 January 2007

Pass My Congratulations

One thing that was odd on Saturday was a couple of people made comments along the line of "Pass my congratulations on to Simon when you see him." I sort of know what they meant, I think, and I know it was meant kindly to avoid any possible offence. Names, identities and referring to alter egos can be a real minefield in tranny circles, but it did seem odd.

Because for me there is no real difference between Becky and Simon, it is just a way of presenting the same person to the world but putting emphasis on different facets. A bit like those picture books I used to see as a child, where there would be a picture and depending on the colour of the cellophane put over it, either green or red, different bits would be highlighted so instead of just seeing a lion you would see either a lion eating an ice cream or a lion smiling and licking his lips.

In Becky's case the red cellophane shows a lass swinging her pants to the Pussy Cat Dolls, the green shows a chap swaying slightly to Ben Folds, its the same person just different elements brought to the fore. And I'm getting married to that person, it doesn't really matter what they are called to me he/she is the one I love.

28 January 2007

Mutt and Jeff

Transpolcapyse II happened, it was good, the people made it so, it's always a delight to meet fellow bloggers even fleetingly. I apologise if I seemed a little not with it or vague, but I'm a bit deaf at the moment so although I can hear it's only certain noises and I'm finding peoples voices disappear into the background noise when it's bad and it's really bad at the mo. It makes it hard work to talk to people and that's tiring. But my eyesight hasn't been effected and it was really nice to see people enjoying themselves.

22 January 2007

There Are Times

When I wish that I had chosen to have an anonymous blog so I could rant, moan or dish the dirt on some of the things I've seen, done or had done to me but wouldn't wish to associate myself with in a public forum such as this. But I choose to be fairly open about my identity, told my mother and aunt about my blog so every now and then, they check in on it to see if I'm still typing. I made the decision not to blog about what I do because it is not intrinsically interesting to most people but there are times when I wish I could without fear of comeback. Now is one of those times but I made my choices and I have to abide by them.

Road Rage

I've got another driving lesson tomorrow, the thrills and spills of Thursday didn't put me off or drive the instructor into early retirement so we are going to scare the residents of Fenlandshire once more. I am sort of pleasantly surprised at how much I can do already after one lesson but I'm also very aware that I've still got a way to go, I'm doing the typical learner drivers trick of driving too slowly, my speed sense is woeful at the moment, 20 miles an hour seems plenty fast enough, thank you.

Just to make it more challenging for the other road users the instructor took the advertising box off the top of the car once he had seen my licence and had reassured himself that it was a full licence. I was quite happy with this until I realised that it meant that there was no warning to other drivers that there was a non-competent driver at the wheel. It was the car behind almost right up my jacksee when I was doing about 29 in a 30 mile an hour zone that gave me the clue, if there had been learner stickers on the car he would have stayed well away :D

I really enjoyed the lesson and driving again, it was exciting and thrilling. But that night I had reoccurring nightmares about being attacked by invisible aluminium monsters - very Freudian I'm sure.

17 January 2007

I Found My Driving Licence

Which is important as I'm having a driving lesson tomorrow, the more charitable would call it a refresher lesson seeing as I haven't driven for a while. The thing is, that "while" equals almost 19 years. Apart from a quick tootle round North Lynn Business Park the other Sunday, I've not sat behind the wheel of a car and driven on the road. So until/if the driving instructor says that I'm not too bad and it won't take too long to get me back in the swing of things, it's driving lessons I'm having.

Driving Licence

13 January 2007

Linkage 13 January 07

Found this on an American Christian Blog surprisingly enough, OK it's a fairly irreligious blog but still, Star Wars Death Star Explosion Aftermath: That difficult phone call.

Wedding plans are going a pace, it is surprising how much we have to organise in advance, over the last few days we have been mostly considering DJs for the evening do. I've been very disappointed looking at various dj websites in how the last thing they seem to consider is the music that they play, it's all "party atmosphere" and "something for the Mums and Dads" - sounds ghastly to me. There have been very few exceptions This chap DJ78 sounds marvellous, not only does he have a great USP, from his my space it's obvious that he cares about music. That is what I want from my DJ.

Finally as seen on the estimable Rockmother's Blog. Her podcasts are come highly recommended as well, Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69 doing Avant Garde Dance.

11 January 2007


I am alive but my blogging muse seems to be having a winter sun break somewhere.

Wish I was too.

03 January 2007

I Hope You Will Be Wearing Sunglasses

I hope you will be wearing sunglasses at about 20:00 GMT today because at that point the Earth will be at its closest approach to the Sun. A whopping 2.5 million kilometres closer (roughly) than our average distance so you might want to make sure that you are packing sunscreen too. ;-)

Photo/Image provided courtesy of the Naval Research Laboratory."

More info here

02 January 2007

Hey I've Had An Idea

I'm Blogging This, originally uploaded by Siobhan Curran.

I'm think I want to see if I can have this embroidered either onto the train of my wedding dress or onto the bodice.

Thanks must be given to Siobhan for thinking up of the concept.

Linkage 2 January 2007

Vicky Pollard doesn't have poor verbal skills shocker.

For those of you with Mac's there is a piece of freeware that you can use to import real player audio streams into iTunes. Very useful for "podding" BBC radio programmes that are not yet podcasted by the beeb.

New Year's Resolutions - The Guardian gives hints on how to make them work. I've not bothered making any resolutions, there are things I need to do but I'm not resolving about them.

No doubt some will see this as further evidence that John Prescott is beyond the pale. I disagree for once he as been a clear voice that was sadly lacking from some of his colleagues namely Margaret Beckett.

01 January 2007

So When Are They Going To Strip Jeffery Archer?

I don't like boxing, I think it is a nasty brutish sport, but I do have a bit of a soft spot for Naseem Hamed, partly because he came from Sheffield and partly because of his sheer exuberance and confidence when he was in his prime. With his extravagant entrances into the ring he seemed to acknowledge how much boxing is entertainment and could disconcert his opponent at the same time. When in his prime he was so light on his feet and moved almost balletically it appeared a wonder that a punch was ever landed on him.

But self belief can turn to arrogance and just because someone is/was an supreme sportsman doesn't mean that they can't be an arse in other areas of their life. While I'm sure that he deserved to do time for dangerous driving, he should pay damages to the poor couple he injured I'm not so sure that stripping him of his honour does any good.

Especially when you have a convicted perjurer like Jeffrey Archer swanning around without such censor.

I know that dangerous driving can kill but it was not a deliberate act, but Hamed didn't seek to pervert the course of justice, he didn't, as far as I'm aware, pressurise friends into giving him a false alibi.

So what I want to know is when Jeffrey to be stripped of his peerage?

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, originally uploaded by Jane Goth.

There are advantages to staying in. Some sparkly wine and guessing when a pissed Roland Rivron will appear on Hootenanny. Happy New Year everyone