21 July 2005

Grrr Broadband

Not mine I hasten to add, but my Mother's. The lack of blogging action from me yesterday was caused by me going round to my Mum's to help her get on broadband. The drivers for the modem installed like a dream we attached the relevant cables signed in and then the trouble started I was able to download the Zone Alarm free firewall for her but the computer kept on prompting us to reconnect to the internet and the number of times got "cannot find server" was phenomenal. So we decided to contact the free help line to ensure that we hadn't don't anything when I rang the number on Mum's landline I could hardly hear the computerised voice because of churning and whirling of the internet it sounded bit like the noise that dial up makes. In the end I had make the call by mobile.

Anyway to cut a long and frustrating couple of hours short we had two configurations 1 with the microswitch in the wall socket then the signal splitter plugged into that, with the extension to the computer and the phone line coming out of that. The phone was clear, but absolutely no broadband what so ever, the computer didn't pick up a byte of a signal.

The other way round, with the signal splitter in the wall socket and the micro switch and the phone line coming out of that, the puter realised it was attached to the internet but kept asking to be reconnected every five seconds and the phone line had a lot of noise on it again.

I consulted with my brother who is a computer expert he has suggested new microswitches and a shielded extension cable but I was wondering whether anyone else has had this problem and came up with a different solution.


  1. Are you using the main telephone point and have you got a microfilter attached to each and every phone socket that has anything attached?

    Every phone socket and def the main one should have a filter attached. it works in serial so if you have not filtered the main socket but an extension and still have a phone on the main you will get problems

    The line noise can be tested by calling BT.

    Hope that helps a bit and is understandable.

  2. Thanks Palace, yes it is the main and only phone point and the micro filter was attached to it.

    Yes I understood perfectly ta!