22 July 2005

Shooting On The Underground.

This morning armed police shot dead a man they had "wrestled" to the ground on an tube train as it was standing in Stockwell Underground Station. The police say he was directly linked to the terrorism activity in London. However if it turns out that this man was unarmed or even worse had didn't actually have any link to the terrorism then it will have been a very dark day for us.

The policemen who tackled him showed personal bravery as they believed that he was an armed suicide bomber that is without doubt and they were in hot pursuit but if they're wrong for whatever reason then the backlash could be massive, will probably be so whatever the guilt of this man was.

Oh it is all so depressing.

"This will not change the way we live" my arse.

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  1. I've always believed the American way of policing is determined by the nature of their society, which is violent. Which is why, hitherto, we've led a relatively peaceful existence on our small island (I say this and I live in Birmingham!). But if this bombing incident is a sign of things to come, then I'm afraid it's changed our lives forever. I'm with you on this - not change the way we live? My arse too!