31 July 2005

Email Me You So and Sos

Thanks to the fantastic Becky I now have a Gmail account for the blog so you all have to use it, I want questions about me I will ignore the sicky ones, unless they make me laugh and then you will have to risk being humiliated in front of my readers
So come on guys and girls ask me a question about me, so go on you know is isn't that scary.


  1. I would use the gmail address - but - you didn't tell us what it is. :)

  2. I think I can see what's happened... for some reason the "contact me" link only appears on the main blog page, so if Paul was looking at the individual blog entry page he wouldn't be able to see it.

  3. my gmail account it the name of the blog at gmail so go on.

  4. I attempted writing an email to you, until I realised it was so banal you would probably highlight it as "Banal email of the week", thus totally humiliating me. So I chickened out. Of course, you can do the same with this comment, but as it's already on view for your vast readership I feel I've pre-empted you!

    I thought the term "Blogger" was a euphemism for "24 carat narcissism". So what's a "not totally narcissistic" gal doing in this cesspool of me, me, me's?

    One last question: are gmail accounts still available?


    A Brummie, in total awe of the mad, bad, decadent lifestyle lurking beneath the respectable veneer of Cambridge.

  5. Don - I'm only 22 carat narcissistic!

  6. Don - Unfortunately I haven't got the button that allows me to invite people to be a gmail user if I get one I will of course ping you immediately if you haven't got one by then.

  7. Don,

    If you want a gmail account let me know - I have many. many invited to give out.