22 July 2005

Summer Ball Update

Well tonight is the night, I've washed my hair and I'm waiting for it to dry. Bunny asked what dress I will be wearing. So I will oblige it is long black velvet dress with a few sparkly bits on it.

After considering it and as the weather isn't brilliant I have decided to go for that taxi option. So that's it. I'm off to make myself beautiful.


  1. Have fun - and we want some pictures!

  2. I love to dress up. Reminds me that I need to get more fancy dresses. The obstacle is the husband, who thinks I look just fine in ripped old clothes. That's nice, you know, but a girl wants to prance around a bit sometimes.

  3. Have a great night, and don't loose a slipper:)

  4. Your dress sounds lovely, I hope you have a great time!

  5. C'lam23 July, 2005

    sounds fabulous... you'll need to postpics

    have a lovely time