02 July 2005

Scissor Sisters

Weren't the Scissor Sisters fantastic? Absolutely fantastic mini set and I liked their new song. So far of Live 8 they have been the best as far as I'm concerned. I hadn't intended to watch Live 8 at all other things to do, people to see, but it didn't work out so I've watched/listened to the TV instead.

I thought Dido was dreadful, the poor love can't really sing and she has this awful habit of over enunciating words yet at the same time swallowing most of the constants which means I can't work out what she is singing about, add to that off key warbling and it was a dismal performance the only highlight of her set was Youssou N'’Dour, he has such a beautiful flowing voice and his music is so lyrical, it was such a shame that when they dueted the roadies put Dido higher up in the mix than they did Youssou.

Elton John mercifully didn't do that song. Richard Ashcroft and Coldplay just proved to me why the Verve were a better band that Coldplay are. I can understand why Coldplay are going for the anthemic sound but it has gutted their music of all feeling, a bit never mind the quality feel the width. REM were OK, Bono sounded a bit rough during the U2 set. Thought the Killers should have been allowed a longer set. Most of the other bands have passed by like junket, making pleasant enough sounds but they have not impacted on the brain cells for long enough for me to remember who they were. The one exception to this was Madonna and no matter what you think of her music and I do not rate her at all highly, Chez Sloth is a Madonna free zone, she is a superb show-woman which is what an event like Live 8 thrives on.

Can't wait til Maria Carey comes on because that will be the sign that it's time to go for a Chinese.

Post Script.

The Chinese was lovely, Maria Carey still thinks that trilling your way up and down the scales equates to emotion, you think she would have learnt by now.

To be controversial I prefer the Scissor Sisters' version of Comfortably Numb.


  1. Is it me or does everything U2 do sound the same, sort of a bit like Scarlatti, or Vivaldi?

  2. lol Rachel you are right U2 do sound a bit samey now.

  3. Good to see Pink Floyd back together again for a bit though....

  4. Cant stand U2 :-0, Think the Edge is a great guitarist though.

    Dido was, I thought, not too bad and I'm not a fan of hers.

    Pete Docherty - Oh dear..

    Been a good show though.

  5. Why is it every time I see Paul McCartney I can't help thinking the wrong Beatles keep dying.

  6. Joanna, you hippy! I was going to say oh harsh about the comment about the wrong Beatles dying, in fact it is still a bit harsh but then Sir Macca ruined it all after doing a blistering Helter Skelter with "the long and winding road" my least favourite Beatles song ever. Come back the frog song all is forgiven!

  7. i really hear you on that Mariah "Scarey" thing. she needs to cut that out. she was on the BET awards (my daughter was watching), and man, i had to leave the room, too. so sad. she used to be good.

    thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way; i think if you only listened to the real R&B, and not that stuff they're calling R&B now, you'd like it.

    if you want to hear R&B from someone not talking about sex or whatever, try Anthony Hamilton or John Legend.

  8. OK maybe a little too strong :-) In his defence I think Sir Bob ordered him to end on Long and Winding Road to tie in with the march on Edinburgh.

    I love Pink Floyd, but I also love the Scissor Sisters version of Comfortably Numb (much to my wife's disgust) Both are brilliant in their own way.

  9. The best bit was the Beeb's dash across to the Eden Project just to see Angelina Jolie's 5 second introduction to an African duo. Of course they then felt obliged to show a couple of minutes of actual African music. Not the whole song, mind.

  10. Spot on about the Scissor Sisters, Madonna and Youssou N'Dour showing up Dido's vocal limitations. Haven't seen much of it, but we recorded stuff on Sky Plus - hence can fast forward through any rogue appearances by Sting, Annie Lennox etc.

    Seem to have been looking at a lot of sites with in depth analysis of every act, and arguments over whether or not Live 8 is a good idea. Think I could do with a couple of asprin and a sit down in a darkened room for a couple of hours.

  11. Comfortably numb has to be PF. And Jo is right about the wrong beatles dying, but preferably none of them should be dead, perhaps with the exception of Ringo - now maybe that is too harsh coz he doesn't do anybody any harm.

  12. C'lam03 July, 2005

    the scissor sister sooooooo were the best of the lot - and ana matronic looked hot hot hot - as did jake shears waistcoaty thing.

  13. I once met Dido and she was utterly charming and lovely to match but, alas, I'd run a million miles to avoid listening to her music. Don't mind her brother's stuff though.

  14. So is this official place for trannies to comment on Live 8? Cool! :-)

    I texted a friend during Dido's set...

    "Dido's really got the crowd going...

    ... to the toilet."

  15. Ha funny that , I used the Mariah ( I got to where I am today by shagging all the boss's at Sony ) bit to walk back from the pub , perfect timing !

  16. Personally, what will stay with me most are the speeches that were made by some people, and the moment Geldof brought forward the girl who was 10 minutes from death before Live Aid. I caught the whole thing on video, and I'm going to have to go back and watch it properly... but yeah the Scissor Sisters were cool. When checking the tape for the Philadelphia concert I saw Maroon 5 do an excellent cover of "Keep on Rocking in the Free World", which was in stark contract to their more popular mellow stuff.

  17. um...have either one of you thought about WHY this whole event was done in the first place???
    Who cares about what the money making machines on stage sounded like when there were kids dying from starvation in Africa while you "girls" were horrified about how mariah carey sounded on stage.

    And you're suppose to be the future....geez........

  18. Dear Crox

    I have thought about why this is happening what should be done but there are others in blogland who can put the position better than I can. But for your information I believe that a combination of debt relief, fair trade not free trade, good governance and the discontinuation of export credits to the the likes of BAES, Raytheon and Thales when they try to sell unnecessary arms to poor countrys would help a lot.

    But this blog is supposed to be fairly light hearted I'm not going to wear my political heart on my sleeve with every post because it would be boring, not at least to me.

    So us "girls" either TG or RG and any chap will chat about what we want on this blog.

    So to everybody, please leave your prejudices at the portal when posting or don't bother.