11 July 2005

What not to do...

When throwing yourself a 30th birthday BBQ. Of course you want your nearest and dearest there, your family, your intended's family (who have never meet before) and your friends. Ah.. your friends, this is where it could all go wrong, your friends are really nice people but they tend to get more hyperactive than a 3 year old on Sunny D. Throw into this explosive mix alcohol and pump action water guns it can only go in one direction. You, the birthday boy are going to get very very wet and embarrassed.

As I walked up to P's house I met by a sprinting P who immediately, with no thought what so ever to his own safety hid behind me shouting "You can't shoot, Jane's my friend, she doesn't want to get wet" as his partner's little girl and her friend took position behind cars and aimed their water pistols at us.

After I had escorted him to safety the embarrassment for P started, his intended's father thought that his sister was his mother! His mother who was a star was vying with his friends, us, in seeing who could make P go red the most! I thinks friends won, just, when L told P's mum about his bosom obsession, P's mum rallied very well but couldn't get the final killer shot in because she had forgotten to bring the baby photos.

Just a warning to you all be careful who you mix with alcohol. I have my mother well trained if I'm out with her and I see a mate I just slap her lightly round the chops and she assumes the "10 paces behind me - nothing to do with me mate" position.

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