30 March 2009

Where Did All The Energy Go?

Today is the first day of my maternity leave, I am now a "lady of leisure" for roughly another 8 weeks before the mayhem begins. It was lovely to be able to turn off the alarm and turn over for another hour or so of shut eye, or as close as you can get when you've got a baby jumping up and down inside of you and an urgent need to visit the lavvy. But nethertheless it is still lovelier than having to get up to go to work with no chance of actually catching up on missed sleep or over come the tiredness.

Ah yes the tiredness, I know I can no longer do have as much as I would like, so I decided that I would start as I mean to go on, one biggish task a day which will keep me ticking over, getting out of the house and not turning into a day time Teevee junky. Today was a trip to Morrisons for a big shop. I was knackered before I got to the confectionary isle, I managed to stagger round the rest. Just. I think if the checkout girl hadn't kindly unloaded the trolley for me, I would have still been there now, trying to lift out a bag of cotton wool balls to put on to the belt.

Lesson learnt - Big shops are too big.
Possible Solution - Online shopping.
Most Probably Solution - Simon carries on doing the big shops.

25 March 2009


We've just been to a local hotel for dinner, it was an odd place, a lot of time, effort and love had been put into doing it up in the late 90s and the day to day standards are very high. No nasty communal liquid soap dispenser, each sink had a free standing soap pump and a hand towel to dry your hands if you didn't wish to use the hand driers. It was incredibly clean, neat and well cared for. The huge shame was that all this work had been done by someone who has the taste of a deranged granny with a fetish for commemorative plates and brasses.

There almost wasn't a surface in the ladies loo that didn't have some knick knack or dust collector on it' the pot pouri was in a wicker duck, the walls had porcelain masks and ladies summer hats hanging from them. The fire place in the bar had a flotilla of large brass statues sat on its hearth, and an electric fire glowing with amber coloured glass, through out the art on the walls really belong in the cyber walls of my Bad Art Group on Flickr (unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me). The food was ok, but a bit lacking in vitamins, and sadly for all you lovers of kitch the atmosphere in the bar was pretty lacking so I doubt we will be going back.

19 March 2009

How Am I Supposed To Do That?

Lots of good advice gets thrown at you when you are pregnant especially about what position to lie in when going to bed. First off - Don't lie on your back - very good advice it is too for the later months what with the possible potential of fainting and that it is rather uncomfortable too.

Then there is the advice for dealing with particular ailments such as heartburn/indigestion/acid reflux - sleep with your head raised up, use pillows to prop yourself up at night. It helps stop the acid from flowing up so easily.

If the other end of your body is bothering you and you have feet and ankles the size of Tasmania then the best thing to do when going to bed is to raise your feet up so that they are above your heart, pillows are great for this as are a couple of bricks under that end of the bed to raise up the whole of the bed.

But what do you do when you are like me, suffering from heartburn, oedema and find it really uncomfortable to sleep on my back? How exactly am I supposed to raise my head up and my feet above my heart at the same time, whilst sleeping on my left side? Since when did I have to be a contortionist? Exactly how many pillows do I have to take to bed at night? And where exactly is my husband supposed to sleep?

14 March 2009

We Don't Do...

Gender Stereotype in our house. I've been watching the rugby and poking the fire, throwing logs on it etc, while Simon has been bimbling about in the kitchen cooking dinner and dancing to pop music. Just to mix it up later, I shall do some sewing (making a patchwork throw for Jnr) and Simon will be knocking nails into walls, no doubt with his bare hands.