09 July 2005

Scarface And The Grandfather Clock

I have a scar on my forehead. I got it when I was six, I was playing hide and seek whilst dressed as a princess, as you do when you are a six year old. I was the seeker I stood by the grandfather clock we had in our hall while I was counting up to 100. Having given my prey enough time to hide I flounced away from the clock to start searching for them. Somehow the material of the skirt I was wearing must have got caught behind the clock so as I moved away the skirt snagged on the wood at the back of the clock but instead of tearing or coming loose it snagged so I managed to unbalance the clock and it toppled over the face of the clock hitting me on my head. Fortunately I was not totally squished as it hit the wall opposite and got jammed so I was lucky I only suffered a minor flesh wound to my forehead.

I needed stitches about 2 big ones and loads of fine little ones.

Since then I have tried not to mix dressing up and flouncing. Some might say that I have not been very successful there.

I no longer play hide and seek

The scar is more noticeable in the flesh but I've pointed out with an arrow.

The Grandfather Clock however has never been quite the same.


  1. Why the heck did you point that out?

    Hope you had fun at the barby:)

  2. Cos how many people do you know got clocked by a Grandfather clock! The barbie was good!

  3. Yes, good point:)


    Only you.... lol

  4. How scary! That would have freaked me out. Thanks for stopping by and signing my map. :)

  5. Heh, heh, nice story! My sister has a scar from the time I slammed her face into a wall as a 5-year-old. Also, at my parents' house there is a mark on the wall where a family friend of ours fell -- I think she tripped on the stairs. We still look at it and say, "There's Rosa's forehead!" (I had nothing to do with that event, BTW.)

  6. but dressing up and flouncing go hand in hand, no? or is that just me...?

  7. I have a scar on my forehead too - from jumping a gap in a concrete wall when I was six.. and not quite making it to the other side.

    And yes UrbanChick flouncing is a necessary part of dressing up. If you don't flounce you just aren't making the effort.