12 July 2005

What's the Farsi for Oi Pervert?

Well it has worked, have a post called wet pussy and a few weirdos will hit on my site. So far I've had a very disappointed Aussie who was looking for wet pussy and mum - sicko! and this one who was looking for wet pussy and blogspot. That's not the thing that surprised me so much as where he is from! Yes a big sloth hello to my first Iranian vistor!

Referring Link http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=wet pussy%2Cblogspot&ei=UTF-8&fr=ush1-mail&fl=0&x=wrt
IP Address 217.xxx.xxx.x
Country Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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PS the mortifying thing, the really mortifying thing was that I was third in the list.


  1. Does the need to know the meaning of wOOt, relate in anyway to your purvy visitors?

  2. Next time title your post

    "Hot wet shaved pussy"

    Thst ought to get some strange visitors.