09 September 2009

Rock Band

Strongly resisting the temptation to buy the remastered Beatles' back catalogue in HMV today I gave the nod to Simon to pop into Game to buy the Beatles Rock Band game!

It is fantastic, the graphics must have been a work of love and of course there is the genius of the Beatles music. We have already graduated from the Cavern to the Ed Sullivan show, with me on vocals, Si on drums and Tom on dribbles I've tried encouraging him to use one of his teething toys (he's not but seeing as he loves stuffing things in his mouth we got him some of the toys to nibble on) as a tambourine but he's more interested in sticking it in his mouth.

"Playing" the Beatles songs just make me want to go out and complete my collection but I don't want the fake stereo that they've put on some of the early LPs I want to enjoy it in the glorious Mono that it was meant to be heard it. And all they had in HMV was the stereo version. I'm also never quite sure about remastering as it's never quite about restoring an old master to it's newly printed freshness. There always seems to be a of unnecessary tinkling about on the edges so unless it sounds really muddy and murky there should not be any need to remaster it and George Martin was very good at what he did and I don't think my mono vinyl copy of With The Beatles sounds murky at all.

04 September 2009

Toothless Squealing

Toothless Squealing, originally uploaded by Jane Goth.

Tom is becoming increasingly vocal with every passing day, but with each day his vocalisations change new things come in and other sounds are dropped. When he was very little he would make an "eh....eh...eh" noise when wanted feeding that's gone now. Currently he is developing his laugh, I don't think he's reached the final product as right now his laugh is a soft "grrrrus grrrus" sound that comes from the back of his throat, which just slays me. I played this video back to Tom straight after I had recorded it. Tom's reaction was fascinating, he was most perplexed at the little baby in the machine squealling in the machine and I think, while it was playing, a little bit disturbed by the baby noises however as soon as it ended he recovered his humour and it was as if nothing had ever happened.