24 July 2005

British Summer Barbeque

Went to a barbeque at my cousins' in Hertfordshire. The weather was dreadful we sat inside while Barry braved the rain.

lighting the bbqlighting the bbq

The weather was so miserable at first that we couldn't go outside to inspect the garden so we had to look at it from the upstairs balcony.

view of the streamupstairs

Even Levi the dog wasn't going outside.

levi waiting for the rain to stopLevi

The lunch was delicious, Barry getting wet was worth while. Eventually it stopped raining and we went out.


Fed the ducks.


But Levi still wasn't happy.

Levi outsideLevi

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  1. I came across your blog via Eggs Akimbo. Your photos are great and I thought you may be interested in a photo project on my site. The pics don't need to be done until Tues. I would love your work to be included!