16 July 2005

Can Any One Think Of A David Bowie Song I Could Use For A Title?

As you can see I've changed my template, I decided that after a month I really did not like the pink of the background so rather than faff around changing it (translation - I don't know how to) I would go for a different style all together. Plus I rather like having the sidebar to the left being left handed it seems more natural to me. I want to fiddle around with it a bit more but I still haven't got round to buying a book on "HTML For The Easily Confused"


  1. I'm not an expert but to change the colour, you go to the template.

    and you should see:
    body {
    padding:40px 20px;
    font:x-small Georgia,Serif;

    and then you change the code of the background.... in this case #fff....

    here's a link to a colour chart: http://www.december.com/html/spec/color.html

    Oh and there's plenty of good online HTML advice.

    Hope this is helpful:)

  2. I'm Afraid of Americans

  3. Would that song be Ch...ch...ch...ch...ch... China Girl? :-)

  4. erm.. The Laughing Gnome?

    Like the new look. Very, erm, Spotty...

  5. Eeore Thanks for the information and the link no doubt I will find it very useful as I play about with the format in future

    Sarkasmo, Becky, Joanna - Thanks for the suggestions, very helpful, lol

  6. You are welcome....

    I was hoping that you would do the legwork and pass on the findings....

    I noticed your tags and wondered if you were part of the young clan?

  7. When I have play with the colours I will let you know.

    No I'm not part of the Young clan

  8. Curiouser and curioser said Alice

  9. I think you should use "The Laughing Gnome", but it might be too obscure for anyone but the most serious Bowie fan.

    But it would be better than a cop out title, like Ziggy Stardust. That song is way overplayed.

  10. There's an old Bowie song called "She's Got Medals!" Could kinda represent the struggle with everyday life...