26 July 2005

Not Quite Right.

Conservatives for American Values is a satirical blog that sends up the lunacy of fundamentalist Christians and Republicans who think Dubya is too liberal. Many of their readers get the joke but a few don't and the comments page is always interesting to read. Deeply earnest Liberals and Socialists get themselves more and more worked up and ranty and earnest committed Christians (non fundamentalist I assume) get upset by the bigoted and quite frankly unchristian statements made by the authors. The "authors" Michael Gregory Steele and Herman B Hayes always respond to the comments in the same satirical vein.

However, yesterday they blogged about the founder of Domino's Pizza, Tom Monaghan, wanting to found a town in Florida that would be inhabited only by practicing "orthodox" Catholics. Their post (I can't get it to link doh)was funny but the aims of Mr Monaghan are not. That anyone would want to build a town that was only aimed at one faith or denomination is depressing, it sounds like bigotry, yet not having enough confidence in their beliefs that they can stand them being tested in a multifaith or secular environment. Tom Monaghan seems to be promising a town with more churches than you can shake a stick at, with masses being said in each on the hour during the hours of daylight; that is going to take an awful lot of priests and the western church is running very short of them. Where once we exported them we are now importing priests from Latin America and the African continent. I was disturbed when reading more in the Boston Phoenix Online about it, that there are priests who are quite enthusiastic about the idea. To me it seems to go against much of what Christianity should stand for.

Ps. You may have noticed a "we" creep in there. I am an atheist but I was raised as a Catholic. I don't believe in God not because of anything the Catholic Church may have said or done it's because I just don't it is not rational.

PPS. It is a parody. Here is Michael explaining all:- Catch


  1. The evangelical movement in the USA is causing me to drink. A LOT. The only way I can stand to live in the same nation with the right wing lunatics is if I am drinking.

    I want the rest of the world to know that 1/2 or more of the USA did not vote for Bush. Not all of us are pro-death nutjobs.

    Right now I am wearing a shirt that has Bush's head as part of a marijuana plant with the words "TEXAS HOMEGROWN DOPE". I wear this shirt with PRIDE!

    1/2 of the population of the USA is suffering along with the rest of the world.

  2. Oh I know L.I. I know I've got Sorry Everyone in my bookmarks list. Also I know many Americans in both real life and cyber who are counting down til he is out of office.

    Mind you our rightwing nutcase is leading the Labour party for goodness sakes the alternative is even more rightwing nutcase party.