08 July 2005

Because I'm soft

Only because I'm soft and I like cats, please check out this site, a young family in New York City who are proud owners of a beautiful Maine cat had a horrific discovery one day, their beautiful cat had been deliberately injured by some dick. Vet bills are as expensive there as they are here, they have set up a website to raise funds to help pay the bills. I'm pretty sure it is genuine and he is a lovely cat, clicking on the ads will help.
Wampi the cat

30/7/05 Update some git aimed an ad clicker at the ads on the site so they had to be removed. Such a shame because it was a good way of helping them out, though I know more than enough about recycling plastic.


  1. This is horrible. Why people can do this is beyond me. Even if you do not like cats, there is no reason to throw them off a roof.

  2. kewpiedoll09 July, 2005

    hey! i'm a fellow cat lover...i have displayed a link to wampi's site in my blog...hope it helps generate some traffic...i'm glad to know that a lot have already contributed to wampi's rehabilitation.

  3. I'm a Pomeranian dog lover, but hey. They are Not Pet’s, They are Our Family.
    I think we should throw that person off the roof, and see what he thinks. And see if he can fly.