29 February 2008


It's the 29th of February!

Really we should make more of this date, it should be a world wide public holiday

27 February 2008

No Princess Me

(OK I know that was about peas and mattresses but I think the general principle applies)

We slept right through the earthquake early this morning, the first thing I knew about it was the blethering on the radio as I drove into work. At work though I thought I was going to be the only one who missed as everyone I spoke to was convinced that it was impossible to miss and I must be strange to have slept through.

23 February 2008

With Tongues

Just a quick post as I'm up in sunny (well overcast, squally, windy and frankly dark as it's now 20 to 7) Northumberland visiting my very bestest friend Anne. I am up here sans Simon as we have been wedding dress shopping today and we needed to be focused and zen. We looking for a wedding dress for her and bridesmaid dress for me, fortunately we were very successful and had sorted out the dresses and half of Anne's accessories before the hour was out and made Anne's future mother in law cry too but in a good way.

So we had the rest of the day to fill so we went up to Alnwick to visit the hotel for the reception a bit further north again to go to the church. In the afternoon we watched John play rugby, it was so cold and windy we huddled in the small stand but couldn't get warm so we eventually took refuge in the rugby club. It is years since I've been in a club house, my little brother used to play mini rugby on a Sunday and the whole family would traipse around Yorkshire watching him play, It all came flooding back the bored little kids running around the tables, wives helping out in the kitchen and girlfriends behind the bar. It was lovely.

When we finally got to the house yesterday Milo, Anne and John's little jack russell decided to welcome me properly to the house by jumping up onto my lap and sticking his tongue in my mouth. Which is a bit forward, considering that I am married and we had only just met, it must those long dark northern nights it does something to the population.

18 February 2008

Not Fun

It was not fun driving into work this morning.

It's cold outside

FrostEven after an hour and twenty odd minutes of the engine running the frost hadn't completely melted from the bonnet.

13 February 2008

New Who Bootleg Stylee

Big Shout Out has to go to Phil Plait the Bad Astronomer who even though he is a perfidious American just lurves his Doctor Who

12 February 2008

Oh Noes!

I'm not a Peggle widow I'm a Portal one!

10 February 2008

Once More With Understanding

I'm idling watching the BAFTAs at the moment and apart from the awful amount of padding that seems to be going on in between the awards and a couple of remarkably odd frocks the biggest that has hit me is that the "talent" that has come on to read out the winners of the various categories seem to be having great difficulty with the autocue and apart from Cuba Gooding Jr they've all sounded very. wooden. and. disjointed. Of course this is how Sly Stallone normally acts.

I think I may have become a Peggle widow it's worse than WoW! ;-)

08 February 2008

Doing Lunch Fenland Style

I met up with my mum for lunch yesterday and to look at tiles for my old flat so that we can get on and sell it. I've chosen my tiles but Kevin the Tile didn't ring like his boss said he would do today so I'm going to have to ring them on Monday. But anyhoo tile choosing didn't take too long as all the tiles had to do was fit in the centre of my mental Venn diagram in being cheap, not being too bogging and not emphasising any flaws in the kitchen walls.

We ended up going to Dunelm for lunch as it was close and time was short, they've got a little coffee shop and pannine place to the side, it was wasn't chocka but it was busy with women of a certain age taking their doddery mothers for a day out round the home furnishings and younger women round my age "doing lunch" It's not exactly Harvey Nicks but then again where is? The coffee was nice and the food not awful so it must be good enough to draw in the ladies of the near by business estate for lunch.

We then admired the artificial flower collection in the shop. Some of them were very good facsimiles of their flowers and some seemed to revel in their artificiality to great effect such as the over sized soft sage green poppies. Thing is I'm still 75% sure that artificial flowers are terribly naff, but there were some fab black rose buds with velvet petals my inner goth was going want now.

06 February 2008

Vote Vote Vote

Instead of sitting slack jawed trying to work out how the hell the American Primary voting system works why don't you get yourself over to the Indy Awards website and vote for those Noir Music Mavens "Deathline" It's better to win that just be nominated - help Jennie and Kaoru fulfill that dream.


03 February 2008

Sweeney Todd

We went down for to London for the weekend, have a mooch and then see a show or have a good meal. We weren't lucky with seeing a show, mostly because the only show I was wanted to go to see was sold out and I didn't fancy any of the others so we decided to go to the cinema instead.

It wasn't cheap, mind you it never is on Leicester Square and in someways it is truly a tourist trap. But the Odeon was a very comfortable tourist trap and the view of the screen was fantastic. We went to see Sweeney Todd, the new Tim Burton film and it was very good, the acting was almost universally excellent, the set design was fabulous, and the singing was good to enough to get by with but the one thing that really let it down and would stop me from saying that it was a five star film was the music. Try as I might I can not remember one single tune from the whole of the film, I couldn't remember the tunes five minutes after leaving the cinema they were that unmemorable - I have heard it said of Steven Sondheim before that he writes clever sophisticated music for clever sophisticated musicals but not actually anything that you could hum or sing to someone to entertain them because the tunes slip out of the mind faster then last nights weather forecast.

Even while watching the film I was struck with the thought that it was a shame that Lionel Bart never got his hands on the story because we'd have had a few ditties even if they would not have been terribly clever and sophisticated.