02 July 2005

Oh Look At My Stats...

Being linked to by Music Spot has done wonders to my stats I was plodding along getting about 12 max regulars a day, a few first time visitors and about 40 page view then suddenly my stats went through my very modest window.

On Thursday I got 395 page views and 223 unique visitors. For me it's madness because I'm happy with my 10 to 12 regular readers and if I was getting another 5 to 8 first time visitors and 30 views I'm a fluffy bunny. But the numbers I've been getting over the last two days for me woah! I know it won't last in fact it hasn't here are my stats

I know it won't last if I pick up one or two new readers I'll be very pleased.

What I have found most exciting is where all the visitors have come from, there is something every exciting about the thought that my blog may be being read by someone in Finland or Canada.

This has turned into another blog about blogging I'm afraid but I'm still very excited by the whole phenomena I'll grow out of it I'm sure .

But this was not what I had thought I was going to blog about the other evening I've got a whole rant about the ID card thing but it will have to wait for another time cos it is now silly o'clock and I've got to go to bed.

Good night you all.


  1. First off if you want visitors check out blogexplosion.... you'll get loads of sheep....

    as for the Miss, Mrs, Ms stuff... it bothers me pricipally because it is a capitalist conspiracy.... and because althogh on the face of it it liberates women.... in reality it is a device that drives down wages and lenghtens working hours.....

    This is apart from the issue that by referring on the billing as 'Miss' will automatically attract attention, whereas using the real name will actually alienate an audience.... who wants to hear a woman poet?.... no matter how truthful, moving, yadda, yadda, yadda....

    This is counter intuitive....

    Since no-one wants to hear a female poem.... but the reality is that the female is the most poetic of the speciess.... I refer you to 'Dead' Hughes as opposed to Sylvia Plathe....

    The only problem is that women never get past maturity and thus pitch their entire identity upon confromity and not on immortality....

    Hence there are endless debates on gender and most are prepared to die upon the stake, of Jane Austen is a great writer.... when in fact she is a very boring writer, who appeals only to the vainest of egos and the most pointless of eogs that would consider their existance based upon the label in their clothes.

    I would rather play with irony and get bums on seats... and women at the forefront of artistic endevour.

  2. Plus you shouldn't grow out of the interest of being read by people from aroumd the world....

  3. I saw that your count had flown up. I will have to have a look at Music Spot .

    I have looked and joined a couple more "groups" but have not seen anything like your increase. Page vistes and site vists still confuss me :-)

    Now you have gone global I hope you remember the 10 or 12 that are nosey and have been coming back since the start :-)

  4. Don't worry Mr PF I won't forget the 10 or 12. It's the regular readers that I really appreciate getting loads of hits is only useful if some stay and read through and then come back again time after time.

  5. Hi hi there, I've just started blogging and wonder if you could help re reader stats? How do you receive this data?
    Best, James

  6. Many thanks Jane, I'll give it a whirl!
    Happy blogging, I like your blog.
    Best, James