07 July 2005


What do you say? Its dreadful, cruel attack on ordinary people not doing anything, who ever the terrorists are it won't help their cause because attacking ordinary people never does, I'm scared this will only create more violence in the long run. I'm being very selfish I'm hoping my cousin and her husband who live in London and anyone else I know have not been affected by this; Mum has just rung their number and it is busy which is a good sign.

Just saw Tony Blair give his comments on this, he said it's linked to the start of the G8 summit, perhaps but I wonder if it was not linked to us winning the Olympics. I don't know I wouldn't wish this on anyone, it is appalling.

12:44 Quick update. Kate and Scott are both ok


  1. It is a mad crazy world. I stopped trying to figure out reasons for the actions of crazy people long ago.

  2. I doubt it is linked to the Olympics... as that would make it the French!!!!! And whilst they can't be discounted.....

    I am pleased that your relatives are safe.

    To be honest I have been in tears for most of the day.

  3. Sending thoughts and prayers to all affected. It's just a horrible thing. I was utterly chilled when I saw the BBC site this morning (my first thing to check when I get to work).

    It probably is more to do with G8, though, simply because it was too coordinated and well planned for it to have been tied to the Olympics announcement. Though in their sick minds, that's probably a "bonus."

    So sorry for the appalling behaviour of confused individuals.
    wishing all peace.

  4. I would have to agree that it's more likely the G8 that is the motive for timeing of this attack.

    Sadley as you say in the long term it could lead to more violace.

    I hope that all your family and freinds are okay.

  5. Thank you all for your thoughts. I'm glad to say that everyone I know who was around London was safe.