30 November 2008


Histon 1 - Leeds 0

It's always very nice to see Leeds lose.

29 November 2008

On The Road

On Friday I took my Mum down to Heathrow as she is going out to Australia for 2 and half months. Actually saying I took her down is probably stretching the truth - I sat in the passenger seat as she drove down to Terminal 5 and then I drove her car back up to Cambridgeshire. Travelling back was practically without a hitch except at the Black Cat Roundabout where my subconscious told me that I would much rather go the Milton Keynes Ikea than back to Buckden I was nearly at Bedford before I could turn around again. Mum has put us on her insurance so for a brief two and half months we are going to be a two car household which will be nice.

A tenant has been found for my old flat so we did some more work on it today - I say we actually I mean Simon. He headed off to start work while I pottered around Mum's house making sure that everything that should be switched off was switched off and that nothing would go nasty in the fridge in the meanwhile. I also had to do some shopping for lunch and other stuff, by the time I had finished that, Simon was almost finished with the painting so almost a perfect division of labour. We topped off the DIY day by ordering a carpet for the bedroom - green, hard wearing and cheap. It will be the first carpet in the room in over ten years.

09 November 2008

The One Where I Have An Hourglass Figure

I had my first appointment with the midwife on Wednesday - it was an hour long and very useful. She reassured me that the things I was feeling and experiencing can be a normal part of pregnancy, explained why they were happening and when I could expect them to stop. Blood was taken, urine was checked, my weight was measured. I was very relieved to see that I have only put on a kilo since I was last weighed at the doctors (in February) it doesn't stop me feeling like I've already expanded in every which way I possibly could already, but just nice to know that it's just the body redistributing itself. Right now I've almost got an hourglass figure but that won't last long, within the next month or so junior and my uterus will rise up from the pelvic region I will be able to say that the tub isn't all me.

I'm a bit of the school that you can't have too much background information so I have been buying pregnancy/baby magazines even though I know that really they are a bit shit and I have a couple of pregnancy manuals and I got Simon "the blokes guide to pregnancy" too. I guess I better join a library here, as all those "baby bibles" could turn out to be more than a bit expensive.

07 November 2008

Faust 2.0

more wonderfulness from xkcd

05 November 2008

The Next President Of The United States

I am surprised at how happy and moved I am that Barack Obama has won. That such a progressive Democrat has won, is excellent, that they weren't that impressed with Palin's "gee wizz jus' an ordinary gal" act hopefully shows that the American electorate have rejected the idea that being president is the job for an incompetent. That Barack Obama is going to be the first president whose surname ends in a vowel other than e should give heart to all "hyphenated Americans" And that Barack Obama is going to be the first black person to be President of the United States is absolutely, completely and utterly fabulous.
From Drop Box

03 November 2008

"The Daily Mail - not so much a newspaper as an idiot's guidebook issued in bite-size daily instalments"

I think Charlie Brooker may well have won teh internets with that. The rest of the article is rather spiffing too.

02 November 2008

01 November 2008

To Belgium And Back

I had two nights in Belgium with work, one of our contractors is based out there, we hadn't had a meeting with them in years, the contract's going to be extended and we needed to sort out a few niggles that had built up.

We went by train - Eurostar through to Brussels and then onto an intercity heading up towards Cologne. It was a great way to travel, yep there was waiting around but the journey felt so much more civilised.

We ended up with some spare time on the Thursday, my colleagues went for a bracing walk through the city, I went for a bracing sleep on my bed. So I can't really report on the old word charms of Belgium but my colleagues were impressed.

I got back yesterday amazed to see that there were still pockets of snow on the ground surviving from Tuesday night. It would be so nice to have a proper winter with snow, frosts, chill winds and crisp mornings but thanks to climate change I think we've seen the last of those, sadly.