19 October 2006

Get Yer Free Darwin Here

If you are British you will no doubt have heard of this on the news already, but those rather fine chaps at Cambridge University have been really busy with the scanner machines recently so that we the general public can have free access to the work of Charles Darwin, certainly one of the most important scientific men of the last 250 year.


  1. Interesting thought - who would you put in your top ten scientists of the last 250 years?

    Darwin, certainly. Einstein, Hawking, probably.

    Watson and Crick? Edison? Dunlop?

    There's a book here somewhere....

  2. Sarah Perkins19 October, 2006

    It's a controversial list, but my top 10 (in no particular order) are:

    Einstien, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, Charles Darwin , Alexander Graham-Bell, John Logie-Baird, Louis Pasteur, Benjamin Franklin, Tim Berners-Lee.

    I wouldn't count Newton, Freud or Hawking in my top 10 because although they've had a founding impact on science (heh, physics without Newton?!), the main list have had a direct impact on changing cultures or helping people themselves.

    food for thought...


  3. Selina interesting - I wouldn't include Edison as he was more of an engineer and tinkerer than scientist but yeah it's one to ponder. I would include Curie as Sarah has which just shows me I should have put Scientific Person not man.

    Hi Sarah really interesting list, however I would have included Freud as his ideas have had a very profound impact on culture especially the arts and popular culture and dropped Edison for reasons above.

    Louis Pastuer had a huge impact so large it's almost as if we don't spot it anymore.