05 October 2006


So it's finally turned a bit parky, the Indian Summer has turned into grey lowering clouds, driving persistent rain and gusty winds, deep joy. It isn't actually that cold in my living room 20C but my hands feel cold and there is an unpleasant draught playing on my spine. Good excuse to ensure the central heating is still working, bleed radiators, that sort of thing. Well it does and there is no air in the system.

It's this sort of weather, wet, dreary and damp that makes one realise that summer holidays abroad happen at the wrong time of year, you don't need to go to Cyprus in summer it's warm enough here. So OK the sea is a sort of dirty green here, cold and smells slightly of pee and it's warmer in the Mediterranean but that's just being picky. NO the right time to go abroad for a summer holiday is now, which is exactly what Bex and I are doing we are vacating Goth Towers and EnVérité Acres for the duration to go to Portugal, the Algarve to be exact. I will be the first member of my family to visit Portugal since my Grandfather walked there from Dunkirk in 1940.

I think it may have changed.


  1. Oh, have a great time. Portugal is lovely. I used to think it was a poor man's Spain, but it turns out Spain is a poor man's Portugal. Just don't bring back too many bottles of vintage port. (The port lodges in Oporto are ace, but evil. Though do buy a bottle from the year you were born. I did, and should have kept it. The year I was born, not the year you were. I don't think they are the same year. Not far off, mind. I digress.)

    And that sounds like a great story about your grandfather. And further info on that?

  2. I would love to get to Portugal. But for me it is sooooooo far away. And getting there is not exactly cheap. It must be nice to live in the EU. What for me is an all day affair is a short domestic flight for you.

  3. oooh, have a super time and think of us in the damp british autumn over here!

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