24 October 2006

Haddock Or... Kipper

We saw Mitchell and Webb tonight in Peterborough. Si got us good seats not too far back on the aisle, great for the sprint to the bar during the interval and I can recommend the Broadway for having very comfy seats with plenty of leg room. But enough of the incidentals, on with the show.

We laughed until we almost had minor accidents. Although some of the sketch endings were a bit abrupt, perhaps a sign that they haven't quite gained their stage show legs yet, it was ver' funny. Many of the sketches from the TV series were there in an expanded form, "Are We The Baddies?" Numberwang and "Oooh,That's a Bad Miss" they also staged sketches from the radio: a complete joy was their film about cricket.

Yes, Sir Digby Ceaser Chicken did appear as did "Big Talk", twice. The second time round it was after the interval and it was "audience participation time" remember the
Si got us good seats not too far back on the aisle
Well it turns out that they were not far enough back, as I found out with a microphone thrust under my nose and orders to ask the boffins "A BIG QUESTION"


  1. And your question was?

  2. *Cough* I point you out to the title of this blog entry.

  3. Ah. thought you were just describing your dinner beforehand ;)