17 October 2006

Reident DJ

Today is the History Matters Great Big Blog day. Write a diary entry send it to them and they'll bung it in an archive for evermore, except the more interesting or bathetic ones which they'll put into a coffee table book in time for Christmas no doubt. Very worthy it's sort of a bit like the mass observation project that ran from 1937 until about the mid 50s then was restarted in 1981, but I can't see how much real use one day from many people will be. Also I read their terms and conditions and thought nah not for me.

So my drivel will have to stay outside of academic archives for a little longer.

Anyway my day, well the bits of my day that I can repeat to yous out there, was dull. Go to work talk to people, shuffle bits of paper, answer questions and give advice, draft emails and letters. In the inbetweenie bits, that is lunch, I had a look at flickr check out this marvelous dress. The young lad in the office is thinking of a tattoo so has been drawing designs on paper and his hand to see how they look. He says that he's not going to have it on his hand it was just so that he could show the lady who is going to do the design for him his ideas.

a. The lady who does tattoo design is "quite hawt" apparently

b. We would have let him take a sheet of paper out of the office but he said that this helped him to remember.

On the way home I saw the poster for the nightclub stuck up in the bus shelter near work. I've pixilated some details as I don't want to give the oxygen of publicity to them more than I can help it. I've no idea who they are trying to attract with this. :-/

And there you go quite a blah day really I think better out of any serious depository than in.


  1. Some children on the Today programme were reading out bits of what they had written. They were all direly boring. Very prosaic. It didn't seem to occur to one of them to write about something that made the day stand out from the 'I got up and had breakfast and listened to Black Eyed Peas and then I went to school'

  2. I heard that too. The poor kids what they had written was so dull but if I heard right they were asked to do their entries during the first class of the day. They hardly had a chance to do anything.

    I blame the teachers for not having thought the idea through.

  3. I posted; felt strangely compelled and T&Cs be damned. Just been back, did a keyword search and - no result. Guess my reality wasn't what they were looking for. Too strong for them, perhaps. And there was me being quite brave, in my own little way. Yesterday was a Big Day for me. Oh well, their loss, not mine. History is written by the website owners?

  4. Anon - that's a poor show of them. Who are they to say your day yesterday isn't of interest.

  5. Not sure if this got posted, apologies if it's a duplicate, please feel free to delete as appropriate.
    Yeah well... *shrugs*
    It was a small milestone in the grand scheme of things but it was a landmark for me. And it certainly had more going for it (IMHO, of course) than any number of identi-blogs, got-up-went-to-work-came-home-shampooed-the-cat...
    It occurs that what makes museums interesting is the minutiae of everyday life: a single bus ticket, a page from a newspaper, a torn scrap of photo, etc, can reveal a lot. 7 billion bus tickets may perhaps provide less of an insight.
    Inclusivity, people, that's the thing.
    Maybe I'll start my own blog - with just the one post!
    Oh well, onwards and upwards, thanks for humouring me...

  6. Sorry Jane...? YOU want that dress, but it's not black! ;-)

    When I think of the shopping trips we've been on, you wouldn't have looked sideways at colour! What's happened since I've been away? xxx

  7. Hiya Anne,

    That's the least of it, I've got a tan as well at the moment!

    I hope the collarbone is getting better xxx

  8. A tan!!! I don't believe it. I'll look even more pale and tragic next to you than normal.

    Busy working on big email to you with lots of updates and a request for dinner! Will send it tomorrow. xxx

  9. I'm not in the office tomorrow Anne you'll have to send it to my contact address above! ;)

  10. Sending it to this address as I can't find your other one. xxx

  11. name of the blog at gmail.com!

  12. Slothblog! ....thanks to my friend, this was pointed out to me.

    People have been shot for less.

    Love ya