27 October 2006

It Is Almost The Weekend - I Am Losing My Voice

Bex and I are going up to Derby this weekend too, for a fancy dress party at Sophie's. I am going as a lady pirate I have asked Becky to see if she can find me talking parrot for me, preferably one that can say "Another drink, for me? Why thank you very much" I'm not sure how much luck Bex will have finding one in King's Lynn.

This evening Miss K's new band Deathline will be playing their first gig at the Hope and Anchor pub, Islington. Their myspace area is here for downloads and stuff. Unfortunately I can't go as poverty (end of the month) and having to slave as a Tranny Wallah™ for Bex. I have to make a tutu more sticky out I made the basic one last night but it now needs the embellishments but I managed to break two sewing machine needles in the process so will have to finish it tonight.

I'm not sure how old my sewing machine is, my grandmother gave it to me about 10 years ago and I think she got it second hand, it's a singer machine the body of it is metal I'm thinking early 60's late 50s. It's very basic it doesn't have the switches and knobs for all the fancy stitching but that suits me as I'm a basic and infrequent seamstress, straight lines joining things together no need for me to do much more.

Update - just had a phone call from Becky all pirate stuff has been sold out in King's Lynn so I am no longer going to be doing my Johnny Depp Impression I'm gonna be a witch! which is nice.

It's "Wear It Pink" day today I'm not wearing pink (I don't have anything pink that's suitable) I still got churned for money this morning. I don't mind the fund raising it's a very laudable cause though so is prostate cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK and I don't see any "Wear It Blue" days going on which is a shame as men's health issues tend not to get the exposure that they should do.

No I don't mind giving to various charities at all what I mind is the sense of enforced jollity and "you must join" in about it. I don't want to, I don't like the ostentatiously wacky fund raising for charity and I loathe with a passion all these sponsored treks for charity. That's someones holiday dressed up as being altruistic. It is bollocks. It's a puritan streak in me I know, but I just feel that people making a big song and dance about the "charidy" they are doing are more interested in getting the kudos than the cause, I also think there is something wrong in people expecting to get something in return for giving to charity above and beyond the inner glow of knowing that you've done something right. No doubt I'm not being realistic but it's how I feel


  1. If you have any questions concerning making a tutu, just ask me!s

  2. aye - Val's the tutu expert.

    I thought it was a rite of passage that all trannies should make their own tutu's. Get Becky to fire up the sewing machine herself ;)

  3. You know how some people are about other people using their tools? That's a bit how I feel about my sewing machine. It's about 50 years old and I would like to see it make 70 at least.

  4. thanks belatedly for the plug me luv. It was a great little night. I hope to see you and S one day in the audience with your fingers in your ears!