26 October 2006

Autumn, bloody autumn

I was gonna blog at about the clocks changing this weekend and how I liked going home in the dark with the glow of lights of houses, shops and street lamps to guide me home. How I like the cosy feeling it gives me and how it reminds me of being a small child, learning why my red coat looked odd in the sodium light thrown out on the streets of Edinburgh at night.

Basically I was going to do about 150 words on how lovely autumn was, but it was pissing it down this evening as I went home, I got thoroughly soaked and cold and I felt miserable.

Then I remembered Torchwood was on BBC2 tonight - double bill.

Yay it's not the complete dog I was worried about.

First episode introduced the Torchwood team through the eyes of an innocent outsider who will become one of the team by the end of the episode. A stock introduction to many a new series so sit back and enjoy how they do it rather than whys of the plot. Episode two of the series was another stock episode outline "Newbie's first, disasterish day at work" So again sit back and enjoy and I did, muchly.

Torchwood may be more adult in theme and tone: swearing, orgasmic energy, some violence and on screen suicide at it's heart it is pure joyous entertainment rather than challenging, stroky beardie Drama. But that's entertainment with a capital E, very high production values, a witty script and a good cast. And they managed to make Cardiff look sexy which is a bit of a feat so props to the editors.

It's going to be an OK autumn after all.

1 comment:

  1. Two words
    Battlestar Galactica.
    Now that's quality entertainment.

    Still got TW to watch so will wait and see what that's like