16 October 2006

Bugger, Bastard Power Cuts

I did have a really good blog post almost completed saying how fab the last 9 days had been, TX meeting up with Clarissa, Jo and Valerie for dinner (Tracey and Connie should have been there as well but Tracey was under the weather so Connie did the fond and romantic thing of staying home with her) and then meeting Cyanne and Katya and Tidy and Anna for the first time and seeing Shannon, Mini and Pia and Jo and then I had gone on to say how great our holiday in the Algarve was and how we had really enjoyed it.

Bloody bastard power cut has just happened about 3 spellings before hitting "Publish"

So instead I'll just have to point you at this

And point out that I looked rather good for 5 seconds on Saturday Night

Photo as what was taken by that rather talented Becky


  1. You're looking good, but leaning heavily again - I've warned you about that.

  2. Sorry we missed it and hope to see you and Becky soon.
    Gorgeous photo of you too.

  3. Hehe Wyndham, it's these London hotels built on land cleared by the Luftwaffe, dodgy foundations and subsidence.

    It couldn't be helped Connie, not if Tracey was poorly. I hope she is feeling tip top now.

  4. Ohhh another top photo - very photogenic, the pair of you.

  5. Oooh Gordon thank you (blushes)

  6. Oh, very nice indeed! :) Gordon's right, you are photogenic!

  7. Photogenic doesn't come close. Cheekbones to die for!