02 January 2007

Hey I've Had An Idea

I'm Blogging This, originally uploaded by Siobhan Curran.

I'm think I want to see if I can have this embroidered either onto the train of my wedding dress or onto the bodice.

Thanks must be given to Siobhan for thinking up of the concept.


  1. Wow, I didn't know that and I'm sure none of my reader did either, would have kept schtum is I had been you. ;)

  2. Excellent

    and maybe also have

    "I'm marrying this--->"

  3. Hello Jane

    Thanks for liking my podcast as linked by Bob (Roberta) Swipe. I was planning on giving up - ok - I'll do one more and play a song for you on the next one. Any requests?


    PS: If you are really bored I've done 13 podcasts in total to date - some are rather more drunken and silly than others - one I actually sing on for some reason.

  4. Hannah, thanks.

    Joanna - mmmm, not sure, that might be a bit naff ;-)

    Rockmother - Oooh don't give up they are great, but if you are taking requests, I know it's a bit obvious but I do like "Venus in Furs"

  5. oh my word.

    you´re getting married?

    i really have been away from blogging for too long.


  6. Or, you could sell train space on eBay for advertisers.