29 January 2007

Pass My Congratulations

One thing that was odd on Saturday was a couple of people made comments along the line of "Pass my congratulations on to Simon when you see him." I sort of know what they meant, I think, and I know it was meant kindly to avoid any possible offence. Names, identities and referring to alter egos can be a real minefield in tranny circles, but it did seem odd.

Because for me there is no real difference between Becky and Simon, it is just a way of presenting the same person to the world but putting emphasis on different facets. A bit like those picture books I used to see as a child, where there would be a picture and depending on the colour of the cellophane put over it, either green or red, different bits would be highlighted so instead of just seeing a lion you would see either a lion eating an ice cream or a lion smiling and licking his lips.

In Becky's case the red cellophane shows a lass swinging her pants to the Pussy Cat Dolls, the green shows a chap swaying slightly to Ben Folds, its the same person just different elements brought to the fore. And I'm getting married to that person, it doesn't really matter what they are called to me he/she is the one I love.


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
    But yeah, I think it's the division of names that does the confusion. It's like pagan Gods/Goddesses. Are they really seperate? No, aparently, but they are, and argh, brain hurts ;)

  2. I'm the pagan goddess of lipstick and corduroy trousers. :-)

  3. We were discussing the difference between blogging and "real" personas the other day and this sounds very similar.

    Becky is very lucky in that she is actually real and does things unlike Billy who only exists on Blogger.

  4. In my case it was politeness. I like to keep Pandora and {real name} separate if only so my employers don't Google her :)

    Nice to see someone so open-minded and level-headed though.

  5. It's a rather sweet delicacy, isn't it, by people who don't want to say the wrong thing, don't know if they are saying the right thing, but really mean well. Yes, odd, but they meant it sincerely and that's what matters really.

  6. Charlee - I know what you mean.

    Bex - does that mean we have to sacrifice Boots Make Up Counter Girls to your effigy come Equinox? Or will it be the slightly strange chap from the fent shop?

    Billy - Along the same lines but I think much more so with tranny identities, I think.

    Pandora - I thought that was so, it can be such a mine field and it just sparked a whole thought train off.

    Z - So true.

  7. Please don't sacrifice any of the girls at Boots, especially that chirpy brunette who's always so helpful. Anyways, I thought that sacrifices were supposed to be symbolic these days? Whilst the ancient Celts would have relinquished the swords of their forefathers to the weedy depths of sacred waters, we tend to sacrifice a symbol of our material prosperity instead. That's why there are so many shopping trolleys in the Ouse.