03 January 2007

I Hope You Will Be Wearing Sunglasses

I hope you will be wearing sunglasses at about 20:00 GMT today because at that point the Earth will be at its closest approach to the Sun. A whopping 2.5 million kilometres closer (roughly) than our average distance so you might want to make sure that you are packing sunscreen too. ;-)

Photo/Image provided courtesy of the Naval Research Laboratory."

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  1. Ah...you can't catch me out with your science like that.
    Sun at 8pm !, In Norfolk we all know the moon eats the sun at night.
    You must think I daft !

  2. So that explains why it is so warm here. I know I live very close to the tropical zone but still - it is extra warm.

    Excellent post.

  3. Jane, you always have such interesting little snippets!