22 January 2007

There Are Times

When I wish that I had chosen to have an anonymous blog so I could rant, moan or dish the dirt on some of the things I've seen, done or had done to me but wouldn't wish to associate myself with in a public forum such as this. But I choose to be fairly open about my identity, told my mother and aunt about my blog so every now and then, they check in on it to see if I'm still typing. I made the decision not to blog about what I do because it is not intrinsically interesting to most people but there are times when I wish I could without fear of comeback. Now is one of those times but I made my choices and I have to abide by them.

Road Rage

I've got another driving lesson tomorrow, the thrills and spills of Thursday didn't put me off or drive the instructor into early retirement so we are going to scare the residents of Fenlandshire once more. I am sort of pleasantly surprised at how much I can do already after one lesson but I'm also very aware that I've still got a way to go, I'm doing the typical learner drivers trick of driving too slowly, my speed sense is woeful at the moment, 20 miles an hour seems plenty fast enough, thank you.

Just to make it more challenging for the other road users the instructor took the advertising box off the top of the car once he had seen my licence and had reassured himself that it was a full licence. I was quite happy with this until I realised that it meant that there was no warning to other drivers that there was a non-competent driver at the wheel. It was the car behind almost right up my jacksee when I was doing about 29 in a 30 mile an hour zone that gave me the clue, if there had been learner stickers on the car he would have stayed well away :D

I really enjoyed the lesson and driving again, it was exciting and thrilling. But that night I had reoccurring nightmares about being attacked by invisible aluminium monsters - very Freudian I'm sure.


  1. Why not start a secret blog for ranting?

  2. Tempting Billy but too risky, it would mean keeping two names passwords and not getting the two confused. I can see it foobarring within the week. :)

  3. I know what you mean. As soon as I found I was giving clues by which my identity could be discovered, I told a couple of friends and my family, so that I'd never be tempted to say anything about anyone that I really shouldn't. If I let out personal things, that's my look-out. Like you, a secret blog would muddle me in no time.

    Very wise of you to take driving lessons. Probably we all should take a couple every few years, even if we drive all the time. Not having to take a test at the end is a bonus too...my worst nightmare would be a sentence to lose my licence and retake.

  4. Everyone where I live needs driving lessons. Except for me of course.

  5. funnily enough fairly soon after i told a few people i know in real life about my blog, who now read it, the fun sort of began to go from it, hense the lack of posting.....
    It's like the anonomity gives you a freedom that you just don't get anywhere else, and as soon as people you know start reading what you write that freedom goes because you have to suddenly think about consequences in the real world.
    Actually this could be expanded into quite an interesting blog post if it wasn't for the fact that people i know in real life read my blog, which i guess is sort of my point :)