13 January 2007

Linkage 13 January 07

Found this on an American Christian Blog surprisingly enough, OK it's a fairly irreligious blog but still, Star Wars Death Star Explosion Aftermath: That difficult phone call.

Wedding plans are going a pace, it is surprising how much we have to organise in advance, over the last few days we have been mostly considering DJs for the evening do. I've been very disappointed looking at various dj websites in how the last thing they seem to consider is the music that they play, it's all "party atmosphere" and "something for the Mums and Dads" - sounds ghastly to me. There have been very few exceptions This chap DJ78 sounds marvellous, not only does he have a great USP, from his my space it's obvious that he cares about music. That is what I want from my DJ.

Finally as seen on the estimable Rockmother's Blog. Her podcasts are come highly recommended as well, Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69 doing Avant Garde Dance.


  1. My brother is a DJ - a really good one even though he IS my brother. Drop me a line if you are interested. My e mail is on my profile.

    Thanks for the plugs! Most appreciated. PLanning another podcast soon - will let you know.

  2. DJ is a crucial choice. Nothing can ruin a good wedding like a bad DJ.

    Hope plans aren't proving too stressful!

  3. DJ78 is one of my friends on Myspace, though I've never met him I totally love his concept. I'd book him in a flash. You might want to check the Stamford Hill Gun Club DJs as well (friends of mine, on myspace somewhere, I've snogged one of them too) Dont know if they do weddings though.

    Good luck with your choices.

  4. Be different , go with a live thrash metal band instead. ;o)

    The avant garde dance link has just ruined my concept of the Sham BTW. Suddenly dropped down a notch or two on my "cool" scale .

  5. oh , I never did drop a line of congratulations on your blog.

    Congratulations to both of you !

  6. More importantly have you started on the guest list yet ;-)
    You could always ask the Treacles to play.
    Anyway don't forget everyone will be merry by the time the DJ starts so there will be much drunken dancing :-)