07 April 2008

"Cold Dead Hands" or "Put His Vest On"?

So when you heard that Charlton Heston had finally shuffled off this mortal coil did you first think of his NRA work or did you think of this marvelous song by Stump?

Me - the song of course.


  1. erm...Planet of the Apes of course :O)

  2. i thought of the song too! glad it wasn't just me... i felt kinda all alone for a while there.

  3. Stump - now that is a blast form the past - big bottoms swing big bottoms, how much is the fish, does the fish have ships?

    The first band I ever saw live - meh, blame the NME

  4. I was very happy that such an idot - in regards to actual safety not just stupidly holding on to something written and misinturrpreted over the years - was finally stepping down permanently. C H put on his last Tux!