11 April 2008

I have a hangover

Went out last night on a works type do, drank a little too much had a lovely time and stayed in my old flat. I wisely took today off so I recovered this morning sitting on the sofa drinking tea watching house programmes which if you flick carefully you could just about do all day. Which has sort inspired me, we are hoping to finally get my flat on the market by the end of the month and then this place so that we can trade up and buy a house. We've not really done any house hunting yet so we've not yet got an agreed list of must haves. I know we do not want a "project" redecorating fine, knocking down walls and building extensions out of recycled Finnish mobile phones not so fine.

Oh and we need broadband, and decent broadband to boot, time to start working out where the telephone exchanges are.


  1. If you get a magnifying glass and look carefully into the phone socket you can sometimes see the telephone exchange - but only if the moon is in the third quartile.

  2. I wonder if houses near exchanges have a premium these days