06 April 2008

So What Did You Think?

To the new series of Dr Who?

I really enjoyed it the story wasn't that special it got Donna and the Dr together nicely, they seemed to have upped the comedy element compared even to other funny episodes but it wasn't that scary. I just hope that they haven't decided to sacrifice the scary, they can't have, I can't think of many jokes to be made about the Sontarans after the no neck ones. By the by I spent a whole year doing courses with a woman who looked just like a Sontaran, she had the same personality type as well, she was poisonous. Catherine Tate proved that there is space in the Tardis for 30 something women which will keep my hopes alive that one day I'll get to see its insides.

image nicked from the bbc (they tend to take them down after a while)


  1. I liked it. The actual plot wasn't up too much, and the aliens were rubbish, but Catherine Tate did a fine job and there were some good laughs, particularly the miming through the window bit.

  2. A good opener. Plot is as believable as a hospital on the moon was last year.

    Speaking of the Sontarans having no necks, I would just like to add two words:- Wayne Rooney.

  3. It was all right. I was able to watch Tate for all 46 minutes without wanting to slap her once.

    I see they've started on the series arc already too.

  4. I liked it too. And CT wasn't as annoying as I feared.

    Aliens were cute though :)

  5. I saved reading this until I watched the show. I must admit I found CT annoying, something about the way she over annunciates. I'm hoping I warm to her over time though.

    It was only the first one though, and Russel T Davis wrote it which basically guarantees it will be cack. I'm looking forward to what comes next (although the trailersfor the rome one look a little cheap)

  6. I loved it, especially Bernard Cribbins. Especially Bernard Cribbins dancing around an allotment at the age of 79. The plot was a bit iffy, but that wasn't the point.

    BTW, if there are any left over Adipose capsules lying around, I'm willing to take the risk...