19 June 2005

More on the Cat

I said (more) that I would publish a photo of the cat when she emerged. Well she did finally, but would she pose for a photograph would she heck as like.

She did this.
and then she did this
I swear as I started pushing the shutter down she turned away.

She wasn't much better when I returned her to my Mum on Monday she wasn't having any of it. She jumped into her favourite spot in the raised flower bed and waved her bum at me.
She was a lot better this weekend, I went over yesterday afternoon for dinner so I took my camera with me, this time she played along I even got action shots.
kitty and water 18 june
Kitty is fascinated by water and loves playing chicken with it. She follows my Mum around the garden whenever she waters it. When Mum does long range watering of the beds Kitty hunts the water like she does butterflies and balls of strings or wool!

And finally the cat at rest.
kitty in the flower bed

It is now about 11:30pm and the thermometer is reading 26C this is daft!

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