20 June 2005

Dr Who Again!

Wasn't Dr Who fantastic (I sound a bit like the teenager out of The Fast Show - Brilliant ) I thought the last episode was stunning, I didn't see the Bad Wolf explanation coming. Billie Piper was superb, the bit when she had absorbed the heart of the Tardis she portrayed Rose's fragility, other worldliness and humanity beautifully. I have only a couple of quibbles.

The sound mix - the music and the sound special effects drowned out half of what Rose was saying during the denouement. Of course it did not help that my mother finally decided that after ignoring the series up until now she had watch the last episode and kept asking questions at critical moments.

The other quibble was leaving Capt Jack behind, it seemed out of character I had got the impression that the Doctor had realised that Rose had resurrected him so I wouldn't have thought that they would have left him behind. Also he made such a good companion, great character and very easy on the eye. I hope that the Doctor meets up with him again during the second series. I don't know what I'm going to do to until the Christmas Special but it is my birthday in a few weeks time and I now have a DVD player. Hint hint to any family that are reading this.

Appraisal of the Day

2nd Reporting Officer's comments
The club he runs recently raised money for a local disabled person to have an electric chair.

3rd Reporting Officer's comments
I think I should point out that the electric chair mentioned by the assessor has wheels and is used to help the owner to get about. As far as I am aware Cpl ****** has no homicidal tendencies.


  1. Apparently Captain Jack will be back for Season 3....

  2. Thanks Joanna, you've made this sloth very happy!