09 December 2008

Oliver Postgate

A great man, warm funny and so so creative. He and Peter Firmin made my childhood and I bet a lot of other people's a happier place to be.

And Charliemouse takes to drink


  1. ...and Bagpuss has had to lay off professor Yaffel and half of the other mice due to the economic down turn.

    I would be another of those children you refer to Jane.
    This world needs more people like him, for it would be a better place to be. I will forever remember that distictive voice.

  2. Same here. Bagpuss, Mr Benn and Ivor the Engine were all important fixtures in my childhood.

    A shame he is no longer with us, but I'm glad so many of his works have been saved for posterity.

  3. Im hoping he got sent off to the magical sound of the marvelous mechanical mouse organ.

    Good memories & what a distinctive story voice. :O)