25 September 2005

Mouse On The Rocks

mouse on the rocks
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After the Bagpuss gig finished the mouse found that work became increasingly hard to find, nobody wanted singing thrifty mice during the hard nosed calculating 1980s. It was ok for Bagpuss and Emily, oh yes they sailed off into the sunset living it large on the syndication deals. This hurt the mouse the most it was he and his colleagues that had made the show but what thanks did they get? Just a letter in the post saying the series would not be picked up next year.

Professor Yaffle and Madeline got by with a bit of supply teaching when they could pick it up. Nobody remembered what happened to the frog or was it a toad?

Eventually the mouse couldn't get through the day without a glass of wine at his side. He was often found huddled in bars next to Major Clanger loudly complaining about his agent and drinking the not very good wine they had bought because they had mugged Tobermory Womble the night before. Last seen the mouse had fallen into a cup of coffee and was heard to be mornfully singing "We will fix it, we will mend it..."


  1. Charliemouse! Oh how the mighty have fallen! I wouldn't be surprised if he lives up to his name these days too. Didn't he date Kate Moss for a time? It's a slippery slope...

    "And when Bagpuss cooked up... all his friends cooked up too..."

  2. You introduced them didn't you?

  3. Poor old Charlie Mouse....

    at least he didn't go the same way as Mark Lester....

    (btw, it is Professor Yaffle, ';who was a bookend carved in the shape of woddpecker, who climbed down from his perch and came down to see what Emily had bought.... boo-doom, boo-doom, boo-doom..... neep, neep, neep, it's nothing more than a an old shoe.... *mice* no, no, no, it's a boat.... row, row row the shoe across the kitchen floor, merrily, merrily, merrily under the larder door...)

  4. bagpuss used to scare me. it was all very depressing for a kids tv prog.

  5. oh poor Charlie Mouse, we hardly knew ye.

  6. but emily loved him, no?

    oh, sorry, that was bagpuss himself

    well, what can i say? i always had a sneaking suspicion that emily would dump all over her toy friends in the end...

    p.s. a fabulous post! up the surreal on slothblog!

  7. so sorry about all the blank comments above - for some reason, my comment appeared no less than five times and whilst i had an important point to make, i felt that reading it once would be enough...


  8. Eeore - Thanks for correcting me I couldn't be bothered to check properly last night I was tired.

    C'lam - I used to love Bagpuss I've got the collected works on video somewhere

    UC - Thanks you (blushes madly) don't worry about the blanks it happens sometimes!

  9. A sad sad tale, reminds me of the case of Bang, the fourth rice krispie.

  10. I have Bagpuss on DVD, and I am currently corrupting my kids with it :o)

    Also got them addicted to Jamie and the Magic Torch, which I also have on DVD :o)

    WV: eeqbp - Mouse Expletive