13 December 2008

(Not) Nice Weather For Ducks

The weather has been foul the last few days. Cold, which I don't mind too much, but with rain and now wind the weather is getting Nul points from me. This year's winter seems to be colder that last year, the gritters have been out more often and the roads appear to be much dirtier because of it. I'm not enjoying the drive as much as I did last year. I've either become much more aware of the tailgating numpties or there are more tailgating numpties on the road this year, either way they are making the drive feel much more fraught and tiring. I will be glad when the shortest day passes and the daylight hours start to increase again. I'll be even happier when I don't have to do that drive any more - 27th March isn't that far away now.

I am now running out of ordinary clothes that will fit me. I've bought a few things; maternity jeans x2 one pair for painting in as we've got painting to do and a good pair, a maternity skirt, maternity underwear and some lighter weight tops from Next. I've not seen any winter weight knitwear that I like from any of the major maternity clothing providers I've found on the net. I do have a couple of old and baggy jumpers that should see me through winter but we're not sure where they are. The problem is that we don't have much space here, so we packed up all our winter clothes last May and put them in a safe place unfortunately we can't remember which safe place it was, as we have so much packed away and stored in different places due to the lack of... yep, space. We're not panicking yet, just huddling together for warmth.

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  1. Oh what a romantic image Jane. :o)
    If you had space youd only fill it you know, well I find it a problem anyway. :oD