01 November 2008

To Belgium And Back

I had two nights in Belgium with work, one of our contractors is based out there, we hadn't had a meeting with them in years, the contract's going to be extended and we needed to sort out a few niggles that had built up.

We went by train - Eurostar through to Brussels and then onto an intercity heading up towards Cologne. It was a great way to travel, yep there was waiting around but the journey felt so much more civilised.

We ended up with some spare time on the Thursday, my colleagues went for a bracing walk through the city, I went for a bracing sleep on my bed. So I can't really report on the old word charms of Belgium but my colleagues were impressed.

I got back yesterday amazed to see that there were still pockets of snow on the ground surviving from Tuesday night. It would be so nice to have a proper winter with snow, frosts, chill winds and crisp mornings but thanks to climate change I think we've seen the last of those, sadly.

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